Appalachian Hardwood Flooring Improves Air Quality and Respiratory Health

Appalachian Hardwood is renowned for the lifelong value our products bring to your health and home. In contrast to imported laminate flooring, Appalachian Hardwood offers all-natural, chemical-free products that, when manufactured into flooring, have been shown to improve air quality and respiratory health.

Appalachian Hardwood is solid, real, organic wood. No glues or bonding agents are used to compose the wooden panels, so there is no risk of harmful emissions releasing into your home.

In recent years, discount flooring companies selling imported laminate floors have been providing customers with products that can carry 7–20x the base amount of carcinogenic formaldehyde allowed by the EPA. When at these levels, formaldehyde secretes from the flooring and into the home's air, becoming a high-level health risk, especially for children and pets who are most susceptible to its effects. Carcinogenic formaldehyde found in artificial wood has been linked to lung and nasal cancer, nausea, asthma, and other severe respiratory issues.

Unlike artificial wood substitutes, solid Appalachian Hardwood has been used for centuries, with established benefits that improve your home and health. Solid Appalachian Hardwood customers can breathe comfortably knowing our long history of benefits assure a lifetime of long-lasting beauty and safety. Can you breathe as easy over that laminate, vinyl, bamboo flooring, particle board, or engineered wood with unknown glues, resins and more?

Don't leave your future up to chance. Invest in Solid Appalachian Hardwoods – Know what you're walking on.


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