Cali Bamboo’s All-New Hybrid Flooring Line Utilizes Eco-Engineered Technology

Cali Bamboo is introducing another world's first in the hardwood flooring industry: an all-new Hybrid™ flooring line which utilizes Eco-Engineered™ technology to combine Fossilized® bamboo and sustainable eucalyptus.

Catalina Fossilized® Wide+ T&G Hybrid™ Bamboo Flooring

"We conceptualized, designed and manufactured a product that answers the call for even wider plank format, without sacrificing the durability and sustainability Cali Bamboo is known for. The Hybrid™ line drives us forward as industry leaders, satisfies the demands of our customers, and differentiates our brand -- all while making a huge impact on the future of our planet," says Jeff Goldberg, Founder and CEO.

The Hybrid™ line uses exclusive, Eco-Engineered™ technology to combine a 13-layer, aluminum oxide, scratch-resistant finish with a wear layer of Fossilized® bamboo, a core comprised of cross-constructed eucalyptus, and a base of fast-growing, ubiquitous poplar.

This Cali Bamboo breakthrough is additionally fabricated using highly versatile, tongue-groove (T&G) milling for the purpose of installation flexibility -- extending application to areas of the home previously unavailable to traditional hardwood flooring, including below grade rooms and basements.

Tanner Haigwood, Co-founder, states, "We are innovators: We saw a need, and we met it. We've upped the ante. This Hybrid™ line is something that has never been accomplished before. This is a landmark moment, not only for Cali Bamboo, but for the entire hardwood flooring industry."

Coming in at a plank width of 7-½ inches, the Hybrid™ line has a notably striking, contemporary aesthetic. This ultra-wide planking -- which fuses fast installation and modern design -- is currently in high demand for pros and homeowners alike.

Not only is the line available in the four most popular Cali Bamboo colors, but also in three all-new colors named after California coastal communities -- Napa, Malibu, and Catalina. The Coastal Series, rich with rustic character, is a clear tribute to the company's southern California roots and passion to support and honor local communities.

With a deep bow to green initiatives and a subtle nod to communal influence, the Hybrid™ flooring line capitalizes on years of forward-thinking, innovative strategy and an intensive focus on environmental responsibility that sets Cali Bamboo apart. Hybrid™ Flooring is now available on the Cali Bamboo website.


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