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CedarCide Industries Most Recent Fence Treatment

CedarCide Industries of The Woodlands, Texas announces the availability of their most recent invention known as CedarCide Deck Dock and Fence. Dave Glassel CEO, in concert with Dow Corning of Midland, Michigan developed the unique product using Texas Red Cedar Oil and Silicon compounds which when combined provide total dimensional stability to the treated wood. The use of CedarCide Wood Protection Products are the Panacea of wood treatment for Decks, Docks, Fence and other outdoor structures. It is considered a Lifetime Treatment with UV resistance.

CedarCide Deck Dock and Fence is a PENETRANT, not a coating. Unlike the common Thompson Water Sealer Coatings currenttly utilized for treatment of outside and element exposed structures, the CedarCide products are referred to as a Penetrant Preservatives. Application of this product provides a total penetration of the wood transforming the media into a alternative wood mass that is scientifically referred to as the early stages of Wood Petrification. The CedarCide solution triggers the exodus of both free and bound water in the fiber and cellular make up of wood The Silicone then seals off the molecular structure of the wood. The end result of the treatment renders the wood 100% Insect, Decay, Mold and Water resistant. The wood is no longer subject to moisture either as air borne humidity of in liquid form. Expansion and contraction of the wood ceases and total dimensional stability is obtained and fastener corrosion issues are eliminated. In this stable environment the life cycle of paints and stains are extended. Cedar Oil and Silicone compounds are sealed in the wood and provide the insect and antimicrobial protection required for extended life of the structure. The product can be used to encapsulate and eliminate leaching of the Copper and Arsenate treatments commonly used for in ground and above ground applications. Cedar Oil and Silicone are both considered Natural or Organic products and are considered Non Toxic and Safe to Human and Animal life.

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