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Trojan Sawhorse the Indispensable Tool

With an innovative design and lifetime guarantee, Trojan Manufacturing has transformed the sawhorse from a wobbly and mundane job site appendage into a professional and highly versatile portable tool that enables contractors to work more productively, accurately and safely.

The Trojan sawhorse, already famous among some carpenters, painters and other construction tradesmen, is a unique product consisting of two pairs of collapsible steel legs. The product is designed so that a common 2 x 4 can be quickly and easily clamped at the top of the legs to form the crossbeam. Users can choose any length 2 x 4 to suit their needs or use upward to 2 x 12 sizes for jobs where increased crossbeam elevation is useful. When it’s time to travel, the 2 x 4 or other standard board can be tossed into the truck or tossed away.

Until now, sawhorses were typically problematic for contractors in the field. Often built by a construction assistant at the job site, “classic” wooden sawhorses are cumbersome, often uneven and usually too bulky to transport. As a result, many get left behind, requiring new horses to be built for each job. When you consider labor cost over time, the Trojan sawhorse pays for itself many times over.

One of the most unique design features of the Trojan sawhorse is its ability to self-level on uneven ground or rough flooring. While traditional sawhorses will tend to wobble on such surfaces, this new design incorporating a wood cross-beam clamped by metal legs facilitates the quick release of the cross-beam, stabilizing adjustment of the legs, then re-clamping of the cross-beam.

The stability of Trojan sawhorses is an important feature that improves safety, accuracy or productivity, depending on the application. To the carpenter this has safety implications, along with providing added accuracy and speed of cuts. To the house painter, Trojan sawhorses are ideal for use in making temporary tables or for creating elevated platforms that facilitate overhead painting.

Trojan sawhorses can also be used to install granite kitchen counter tops, which can weigh 800 lbs. and measure 10 ft in length. Because cutting holes in the granite (for sinks and fixtures) will weaken the slab, the Trojan product allows installers to place the granite on the sawhorses next to the counter to make the cuts.

Besides being adjustable in height by virtue of the wooden crossbeam chosen, the Trojan sawhorse comes in standard (27 in.) and tall (35 in.) sizes.

“We take great pride in the product -- in the design, the quality and functionality,” says Jeff O’Mealy, Trojan founder and president. “We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure quality, including heavy-duty welds, heavier material, hefty gripping spikes, and pinch guards. Even the powder-coat finish is designed for longer service life. This is a tool that will probably last the contractor forever.”

The utility and ease of use make Trojan sawhorses an important tool for professional painters, cabinet-makers, framers, and finish carpenters -- anyone who has an appreciation for having quality tools on the job.

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