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Stylish Bath and Storage Solutions by Sonia

With “Innovations” Sonia masterfully blends these materials in stunning combinations and complementary designs to create a collection of bathroom vanities like no other. All of these materials are of the utmost quality and together formulate the signature look and enduring functionality that Sonia is known for.

Woods: Solid, marine-grade and free of fibers or agglomerations. Each piece is completely water-resistant, an exclusive feature of Sonia’s company profile.

Metals: Made using injection-molded Zamak and machined brass. The thickness of each component ensures its long-lasting quality, and the outer coating of chrome, matte chrome or polished nickel makes them corrosion-resistant.

Glass: Thermally tempered thus increasing its resistance to bumps, thermal shock, and flexion. The quality of Sonia glass is apparent not only in the perfection of its shaping but also in its strength.

The collection itself consists of varying lines of bathroom vanities and accentuating accessories.

Nouveau - The Nouveau Collection incorporates elements from the classic style of Queen Anne legs, a traditional look in which Sonia provides a modern-day interpretation with their signature innovations and customized woods of Zebra and Wenge. The Wenge wood designs are produced using a specialized finishing process that reveals a two-tone surface with a beautiful damask pattern; a subtle yet stunning touch of flair. All of Sonia’s woods are 100% water-resistant and treated with a UV protectant to ensure their lasting quality.

Sonia offers a set of complementing units with unique functionalities that provide a complete system of alternative configurations. Some of the features include above-vanity storage space with sliding or tilt-up mirrors, customized cabinetry, and a long line of matching accessories. The suite includes freestanding vanities offered with either a single, or double sink configuration and is available in lengths of 31, 39, or 47 inches.

Delta - The next generation of Sonia glass, the Delta wash basins provide a soft touch of class in a subtle, yet striking fashion. Ideal for any modern setting, the smooth, tempered glass basins are as durable as they are beautiful. Inspired in design by two drops of water, the Delta wash basins are stylishly simple in shape. Organic and smooth with soft curves accentuating the subtle hue of the tempered glass, the Delta wash basins are offered in both single and double sink designs; each design offering its own unique personality, both stunningly gorgeous. The quality of Sonia glass is apparent not only in the perfection of its shaping but also in its strength.

P120 Double Dynamic System - A one-of-a-kind wash basin design, the P120 Double Dynamic System blends wavy shapes and flowing surfaces into a revolutionary double basin merge. The milky white ceramic highlights the polished chrome of Sonia hardware and accessories in a tranquilizing harmony. This 47 inch, double-sink wash basin pairs brilliantly with the Flat program from the Dynamic System, thus representing a more compact alternative to the 1440 model of the same collection.

Europa Air / Europa 600 - One of Sonia’s most important collections, the Europa Air line is the perfect example of the dual nature of Sonia’s bathroom vanities. Beautiful in form, ingenious in function, Europa Air boasts a slew of sinks, cabinetry and accessories combining wood, glass and ceramics in a sexy collection of functional storage solutions. In this latest line, Sonia now provides complementing wall hung models as well. The Europa Air wash basin offers a spacious drawer with sliding doors and a ceramic surface top. The basins are offered in various sizes, ranging from 24, 32, or 40 inches.

The Europa line expands its boundaries by decreasing its size, offering a specific model specially adapted to small spaces, the Europa 600. A fireclay basin on top with two pull-out drawers set at the base and a set of sliding doors above, the Europa 600 is a compact yet high capacity piece of furniture, a true storage solution.

P04 Corner - Small and compact in design, the P04 Corner wash basin is inconspicuously elegant with sensual and graceful curves evoking the unobtrusive grandeur of larger Sonia basins. Asymmetric in shape, The P04 offers a sense of dynamism and versatility to condensed areas where space is of utmost importance.

Sidney Complements - A brilliant set of pragmatic accessories, Sidney Complements offer two ultramodern additions, a towel rack and a stainless steel grill. The towel rack is fitted to the basin structure and the stainless steel grill is attached to the lower base of the unit. Both components create convenient storage space without obstructing the minimalist beauty of the basin itself.


S1 - The forefront line in Sonia’s new generation of accessories, the S1 line focuses primarily on simplicity. A subtle, soft indentation on the mounts gives freshness, sensuality, and volume to the simple shapes defining the S1 Line.

Tecno Project Inox - Simplicity, style and functionality. The Tecno Project offers a large range of complements based on an 18 mm brass bar, ideal for projects. The Tecno Project was inspired by an intersection of simple volumes and minimalism of shapes, featuring high-resistance and easy cleaning.

Genoa - The overall theme of the Genoa is curves. From rounded bars to spherical knobs, the curved designs accentuate the shimmering beauty of Sonia plating and finishing. A truly sophisticated look, the Genoa offers unique enhancements for any environment; traditional to transitional.

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