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Optimised Thermal Insulation Glazing to Save Energy

The number one topic: Reducing energy consumption / Thermal insulation glazing “iplus E” saves even more energy / Multifunctional glazing also provides safety and quietness

These days, house builders and owners are focussing intensely on permanently reducing their energy costs. For new buildings and modernisations alike, a major factor in the energetic quality of a building is the right glazing. The new thermal insulation glazing “iplus E” fulfils all the demands on the energy efficiency of residential, business, and public buildings. With even further improved thermal insulation (Ug-value 1.1 W/m2K as per EN 673), passive energy gain and excellent colour neutrality it provides for a pleasant living and working environment in light rooms. Top of the line products such as “iplus 3C E” limit thermal transmittance down to 0.5 W/m²K. In addition to thermal insulation, the multifunctional glazing “iplus city E” also provides sound-proofing and increased burglary-resistance.

Even the standard version of the new base glazing “iplus E” with argon filling brings thermal transmittance down to Ug = 1.1 W/m2K. Compared to conventional uncoated thermal insulation glazing, owners of an average single family home can save up to 500 litres or more of fuel oil each year. The passive energy gain, excellent colour neutrality and high transparency round off the performance of this new basic glazing.

Gaining energy passively

High-end glasses such as the triple insulation glazing “iplus 3C E” improve heat insulation down to values of 0.5 W/m2K, almost the same as that of a solid wall. However, glass offers one major advantage: not only does it provide light, a major factor in improving the quality of living, but it also uses the (free) power of the sun to heat the room and thereby provides additional energy savings – iplus 3C E is therefore also suitable for low-energy and passive houses.

Quietness and safety with multifunctional insulation glazing

Multifunctional glazing such as “iplus city E”, in addition to efficient thermal insulation (Ug-value 1.1 W/m2K), also provides increased sound-proofing (Rw up to 38 db). This is important because nine out of ten people living in metropolitan areas feel disturbed by traffic, construction work and the “normal” soundscape of a large city. The improved burglary-resistance (P4A safety rating as per EN 356) even meets up-market builders' demands.

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