Adesto’s SmartServer IoT Offers Secure Connectivity and Rich Data Access

Adesto® Technologies Corporation, a top provider of state-of-the-art application-specific semiconductors and embedded systems for the IoT market, announces it is facilitating smarter buildings through insights into energy management and other operational data via services operating on the IBM Watson IoT platform.

Adesto, through its latest acquisition of Echelon Corporation, has been marketing its Open Embedded IoT Platform into the building automation and energy management sector for more than twenty years. Adesto’s SmartServer™ IoT edge server platform has built-in device and data management for sensors, actuators, meters, and controllers in buildings, through different emerging and traditional protocols including LonWorks™, Modbus, BACnet, and others.

The IBM Watson IoT Platform is a managed, cloud-hosted service engineered to make it simple to derive value from IoT devices. It enables organizations to gather and explore data for equipment, devices, and machines, and discover insights that can trigger better decision-making. IBM Tririga Building Insights is based on the Watson IoT Platform and uses AI analytics to surface building inefficiencies without the necessity for dedicated data scientists. The robust capabilities of the IBM Watson IoT platform integrated with the seamless connectivity of rich data from Adesto’s SmartServer IoT can offer facility managers with deep insights into energy consumption and other operational facets of a building.

For building operators and facilities managers, it’s incredibly important to keep costs and energy consumption to a minimum. Using the new web services capabilities in Adesto’s SmartServer IoT, our customers can connect their systems to cloud services like IBM Watson IoT to gain a deeper understanding of their operations, leading to increased efficiencies and potentially significantly impacting their bottom line.

Alan Slabodkin, Vice President, Western Allied Corporation.

“IBM Watson IoT Platform enables customers to maximize the value of their physical assets,” said Sanjay Tripathi, VP of strategy and business development, IBM IoT. “Adesto’s SmartServer IoT provides the critical connection from industrial data to our platform so that customers can perform powerful analytics on their data. We are delighted to work with Adesto to demonstrate our combined capabilities, and we look forward to making the solution available to customers in the buildings sector.”

We are extremely excited to demonstrate how industry-leading AI systems can make knowledgeable decisions that drive the sustainability and efficiency goals for property managers. The combination of our SmartServer IoT and IBM Watson is a perfect example of our strategy that enables customers to ’Embrace’ their legacy systems, ‘Extend’ them with emerging IoT capabilities, and ‘Enhance’ them with insights from cloud and AI systems.

Sohrab Modi, Chief Strategy Officer, Adesto.

Adesto will showcase this ground-breaking capability for building integrators, property owners, and facility managers in its booth C5234 at the AHR Expo in Atlanta between January 14th and 16th, 2019, and also in its booth 4A:124 at the Embedded World Exhibition (February 26-28, 2019).

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