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RoofMaxx’s Eco-Friendly Product Helps Delay Costly Roof Replacements

Dissatisfaction over valueless warranties and fear of failing roofs have driven homeowners across the United States to find a new means to save the roofs over their heads while spending less money.

Roof Maxx, a countrywide network of new-breed roofing restoration experts, is assisting property owners to slow down expensive roof replacements by up to 15 years.

Professional technicians employ environment-friendly plant-based sustainable technology to bring back a roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection. This alternative to conventional roof replacement saves homeowners an estimated 75%–85%.

Property owners throughout the country are currently employing this alternative to conventional roof replacement, making Roof Maxx the rapidly enlarging company in America, showing a presence in 44 U.S. states within two years.

The Solution: Soybean Science

In a nutshell, Roof Maxx is a shingle rejuvenator,” states Mike Feazel, CEO and Co-founder of Roof Maxx with brother Todd Feazel, Co-founder and EVP of Production and Distribution. “It extends the life of asphalt roofs by five years per treatment. By repeating the process every five years a property owner can extend a roof's life by as much as 15 years for around 15-25% the cost of a complete replacement.”

It involves spraying the organic liquid compound on to aging asphalt shingled roofs. The plant-based oil rapidly enters into roof shingles, replacing the petroleum oil that is lost eventually and stopping them from cracking and finally leaking.

Now as they have introduced the product to market, Roof Maxx is saving thousands of dollars for property owners, with each roof they renovate.

Industry Insiders Become Innovators

After several years in the roofing industry, the Feazel brothers started observing a quick rise in premature asphalt shingle roof failures they think was prompted by a sudden increase in the cost of materials in the early 2000s.

The brothers took a decision to innovate and sold their roofing company—one of the country’s biggest—in 2013 to dedicate their time to find out alternatives to expensive conventional replacement.

The Feazels collaborated with the Ohio Soybean Council and Battelle Labs—the world’s leading research and development company, which also supervises Los Alamos National Laboratories for the U.S. government and started researching alternatives to conventional roofing.

Until now there has never been a way to maintain or extend the life of an asphalt roof.

Mike Feazel, CEO and Co-founder, Roof Maxx

We didn’t abandon the industry we know,” states Todd Feazel. “Instead, we found a safe, quick and effective way to address a serious problem that millions of property owners are facing by introducing an easy and sustainable way to restore their roofs, rather than replace them, while saving money as well."

I was amazed that the Roof Maxx product restored 30-year old shingles.

Jonathan Casilli, Director of Construction, a Residential Property Management Firm

Casilli sought help from Roof Maxx when his company confronted over $1.1M in roofing replacement costs.


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