New Solutions for Deck, Concrete & Rooftop Resurfacing

Specialty Solutions introduces Sand-Rich, a new solution for previously difficult and expensive situations of deck, concrete & rooftop resurfacing.

Based on decades old and proven European technologies, Sand-Rich, offers a decorative, waterproof, membrane flexible stone protective surface for use on balconies, rooftops, pool decks, wooden decks, ceramic tile and patios. In most applications, Sand-Rich will offer a practical solution while saving tremendous amounts of money, time, and mess when compared with traditional systems.

Sand-Rich is a customizable decorative system that like terrazzo, has limitless aesthetic possibilities:

  • The Manufacturer says it can be applied as a waterproof or just decorative resurfacing system without removing the existing one. Sand-Rich is seamless and cold applied. Sand-Rich is only 20 ounces per sq. ft, and only 1/8” high This decorative, waterproof, protective laminated system is perfect for use on various exposed substrates, such as patios and decks. Sand-RichTM provides an attractive, customizable, tough walk-able waterproof, flexible stone, exposed aggregate surface that adheres to virtually any surface. It can be applied to virtually any horizontal decking substrate including concrete, metal, and wood. It also adheres to flat roofs made from EPDM multi-ply, and foam
  • It is infinitely maintainable, never having to be removed.
  • Most uniquely it can also be applied indoor or outdoor directly over ceramic tile to create beautiful high friction safety surfaces

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