Luyten 3D Heads Up Formation of Global 3D Printing Body ‘Construction 3D Printing World Council’

World leading Australian 3D printing technology company, Luyten 3D, has pioneered the formation of the world's first global 3D printing body to oversee and inform the creation of standards, principles and guidelines for the fast evolving building and construction 3D printing industry.

Image Credit: Luyten 3D

The body is called the Construction 3D Printing World Council (C3D-PWC) and it comprises 40 plus leading global manufacturers including Australian company, Luyten 3D, Construction-3D from France, and many other prominent players in large-scale construction 3D printing and automation technologies.

The significant milestone in the industry's evolution was unveiled at the prestigious Formnext Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany this month.

Cofounder and CEO of Luyten 3D Ahmed Mahil was appointed to the role of Secretary General for the body.

"As one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of 3D printing technology, we recognised the urgent need for a global body to navigate, inform and oversee the growth and standards of the industry as it is evolving at break-neck speed.  Governments and industry are grappling to keep up with the pace at which it is growing and the developments in its innovative technology," Mahil said.

"3D printing for the construction sector has the potential and capability to revolutionise how we build however it also requires strict guidelines and standards in order to achieve mainstream adoption worldwide. This is imperative if we are to grow trust and confidence in the technology.

"The formation of the Construction 3D Printing World Council will assist industry and countries around the world to achieve this."

The Construction 3D Printing World Council represents a collaborative effort among industry giants to promote innovation, foster technological advancement and standardise best practices in the construction 3D printing sector. By joining forces, these key players aim to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing in construction while addressing various challenges and opportunities within the field.

Key members of the Construction 3D Printing World Council include:

  1. Luyten (Australia): Renowned for its pioneering efforts in large-scale construction 3D printing and cutting-edge technologies,
  2. Construction-3D (France): A trailblazer in the development of innovative solutions for 3D printing in construction; and
  3. Prominent manufacturers and industry leaders from around the world, specializing in large-scale construction 3D printers manufacturing and automation technologies.

"The Formnext Exhibition in Frankfurt, is one of the most prestigious events in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry and it served as the perfect platform for the official announcement of the launch of the Construction 3D Printing World Council," Mahil said.

"The council will meet regularly and undertake industry focused events to support the advancement of the sector and all those involved.

"Attendees can expect a series of engaging events and discussions, highlighting the latest advancements in construction 3D printing technology and the potential it holds for revolutionising the construction industry."

The Construction 3D Printing World Council will focus on:

  • Developing best practice standards for the industry and fostering understanding and adoption worldwide,
  • Facilitating In-depth discussions on the future of construction 3D printing, exploring its impact on sustainability, cost-effectiveness and design possibilities,
  • Providing opportunities for demonstrations of state-of-the-art large-scale construction 3D printers and automation technologies, showcasing their capabilities; and
  • Providing opportunities for networking and collaboration, bringing together professionals, researchers, and experts from across the globe.

"The establishment of the Construction 3D Printing World Council (C3D-PWC) marks a significant milestone in the development of 3D printing technology within the construction industry. By promoting collaboration, innovation, and best practices, the council is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of construction, making it more sustainable, efficient, and adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of the global community," Mahil added.

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