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Damar International Ltd Introduce Sledge Hammer Replacement

Construction tool distributors Damar International Ltd are about to launch a revolution that will improve safety, reduce manpower and speed work in all branches of construction and agriculture. Slide Sledge, an accurate yet heavy duty alternative to the use of a sledge hammer, will remove bolts, pins and rivets from construction plant, structures and agricultural machinery in a speedy one man operation.

The dangers of traditional working are well known. With one man holding the chisel and the second man swinging the hammer there are dangers from slips, sparks and the injury due to the stress of restraining the chisel under such impact.

With Slide Sledge, force is directed to precisely the point where it is required. Efficient linear hammer action is delivered by a bar within a hardened restraining tube. A range of specially developed interchangeable quick-change tips can be fitted to suit the task in hand. Whether the job is swapping buckets or attachments on a construction digger or loader, dismantling gearboxes or removing bolts on a structures or even tracks on military vehicles there is a Slide Sledge and appropriate tool for the job.

There are four heavy duty Slide Sledge models rated at 9, 13, 14 and 21 Lbs. Impact can be boosted by the use of an additional weight that is screwed onto the hammer bar. Attachments for different tasks enable the Slide Sledge to be used in difficult and inaccessible places, for example, where an offset force is required and for a whole range of other servicing and maintenance tasks.

Already proven across the USA, users have found multiple benefits. One man can accomplish a two man task, often with greater speed and efficiency. A single tool, with its many interchangeable heads can adapt to many tasks. Heavy and expensive construction plant is returned to service more quickly benefiting hire companies as well as the operators themselves. The accurate action of the Slide Sledge also avoids collateral damage to equipment, extending its life.

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