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Non-Invasive Rising Damp Control System

Wigopol Great Britain has released a tried and proven non-invasive damp control system, that will eliminate rising damp with minimum cosmetic damage.

The Wigopol system has been successfully working in Austria and much of Europe for the last 23 years. Rising damp is a destructive force, which, until now, was difficult to control without extensive building work that has a harmful effect historic buildings. Without excessive drilling and the dismantling of plaster, the Wigopol system offers a solution to rising damp in older buildings like listed properties, churches, monuments and in buildings that accommodate wall paintings or historical characteristics.

The Wigopol system is suitable for stone, clay brick or even rubble structures and is effective on all sizes of the buildings, including cellars and catacombs. It works over the entire footprint of the installation, including partitions and stone floors, in order to give complete rising damp control.

After supplying sample plug of material for testing purposes, a small, non-intrusive unit is installed in the loft or alternative location. This ‘Wigopol Box’ emits non-hazardous, low frequency electro-magnetic waves that break down the surface tension of the moisture within the walls. This reduces the capillary action and allows water to move back down the walls under gravity. The electro-magnetic output from the box does not present any health or electrical interference concerns. The Wigopol System, unlike some current methods, offers a long term solution and costs under £1 a month to run. Drying times vary from 8 months to 3 years and, after initial on-site and laboratory testing, Wigopol will monitor progress on an annual basis to ensure that the equipment is working efficiently. Moisture reduction levels are demonstrated through an ongoing written log.

Source: Wigopol

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