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Pool Safety Major Issue as Seasons Change

Pool safety poses a year-round threat to children, pets and the elderly. As many homeowners retire their pools for the coming colder temperatures, it is important to continue to address pool safety issues. In areas where outdoor recreational swimming is a year-long activity, pool construction is often done in the off-season. These times present additional challenges to maintaining pool safety.

Guardian Pool Fence, Inc. of Van Nuys, California is among the leaders in providing architectural solutions to pool safety challenges. According to Steve Sadinsky, President of the company, "Children are often injured or even die when backyard pools are not protected. Pool safety should be a major concern of parents when they are considering the option of putting in a recreational pool. ‘Barrier protection’ such as adding a pool fence has proven to be by far the most reliable form of safety net for toddlers and young children. Our design team spends considerable time, money, and talent in designing pool fencing that provides for a safer pool."

Additional critical elements in pool safety fences are longevity and climbability. Companies like Guardian have developed unique mesh fencing and self-closing gate systems that last three times that of traditional protective pool fences. Poles are constructed with T6 marine grade aluminum, as well as the gate frame and other components coated in plastic to resist corrosion. The complete pool fence system comes with the industry’s longest available warranty. Less substantial poles and barriers tend to break down after just a few years, requiring more maintenance. Guardian’s patented pool fence systems include support rods and a patented self-closing gate.

Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is the only manufacturer of removable mesh fencing to have the original self-closing gate, which has been specifically designed and engineered to operate with a removable mesh fencing system.

Seasonal safety is not a new concern for Guardian. The company gives clients access to a network of highly-trained dealers and installers who provide consistent, reliable integration of these superior components, resulting in a system that continues to perform for many years without degradation. Many of the company’s pool fences and gates have been continuously in use for nearly two decades.

"The off-season – or any down time in climates where pools are in use all year – is the time to make sure pools are designed or improved with safety issues foremost in parents’ minds," says Sadinsky. "Accidents will happen, but there will be many fewer of them if safety measures are taken beforehand."

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