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Steel Buildings Offer Advantages Over Conventional Buildings

Last year, on Monday, August 29, 2005 at 6:10 AM CDT, the Hurricane Katrina devastated Americans. People became homeless and many lives were lost, but some people in Mississippi and Lumberton who had taken refuge in T&M video centre survived as the centre was a steel building.

Apart from being saved from natural disasters, steel buildings also offer other advantages and applications because the commercial steel building manufacturers have created prefabricated systems which offer a wide range of applications. Some of these applications are:

  • Steel buildings are used for making storage facilities.
  • Steel buildings are used in making aircraft hangers.
  • Steel is employed to make small toll booths and vending machine shelters.
  • Steel is also employed in making large structures like barns and agricultural facilities, workshops, sports facilities.
  • Steel is also employed in making retail centers.
  • Steel buildings are used for sports arenas.
    Advantages of steel buildings
  • They are made much faster than the buildings made out of another material.
  • They cost less than the other buildings.
  • They are light in weight.
  • They are easier to maintain.
  • They carry reduced risk of fire.
  • Steel buildings are environmentally sound as steel is 66% reusable hence it is cost effective too. A 2000 sq ft building requires almost 50 trees of wood but a building made out of steel would only require scrap of only 6 automobiles.
  • The most important advantage of steel building is that it can withstand unfavorable weather conditions like hurricanes, high winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes.
  • They are resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting hence they are durable.
  • Due to the less maintenance, the steel buildings reduce the cost of insurance as well.
  • Steel buildings are energy efficient.
  • They can also be covered with traditional building material like bricks, cement etc hence they can be given a conventional look too.

Owing to all the advantages of steel buildings the modern technologies have been employed in making steel buildings for making better designs and fabrication.

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