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In light of the record temperatures this summer,, retailers Avenger portable air conditioners, has announced that it will now offer no-cost consultation to businesses looking for safe, low cost ways to cool their server rooms. Because of the excess heat generated by the computers in a server room, adequate cooling solutions are a year-round need, but summer months raise concerns for businesses about the safety of their data.

"It's one thing to have a specially designed server room with all of the ideal elements," says CEO Jim Shortt. But there are just as many small businesses and fast growing start ups that are trying to make due with the space they have." According to Jim Shortt, it is the small to midsized business that will truly benefit from the free consultation is now offering.

"Unless data storage is your job," says Jim Shortt, "it's easy to take for granted the fact that your data will always be there and your systems will remain operational-until they go down." Jim Shortt speaks of countless occurrences of server room disasters due to heat or improperly positioning of air conditioning.

In one instance a ceiling air conditioner located above the servers rusted, destroying the computer components. The company's mission, says Jim Shortt, is to ensure that "no company have to endure the loss of their data as a result of heating or cooling catastrophes."

The type of portable air conditioners recommends for its clients with server rooms are the innovative Avenger portable air conditioners. Unlike many portable air conditioners that recycle moisture back into the air, the Avenger pulls moisture out of the air that could negatively impact server room equipment and condenses it into a container. Additionally, these portable air conditioners do not require window ventilation that could compromise security.

"Although summer is drawing to a close," says Jim Shortt, "it is still critical to ensure that server rooms maintain the proper and consistent temperature." The recommended temperature for a server room is around 68 degrees and a relative humidity between 45 percent and 60 percent. Keeping humidity balanced helps to reduce dust cause by dryness and prevent dampness that can cause damage to systems.

Business owners and server room professionals can contact one of's representatives by phone or by email using the contact information located on the company's website. Specialists on the topic of portable air conditioners will work to understand the room's dimensions and attributes such as windows, doors, and number of regular occupants to help determine the safest and most cost effective portable air conditioners for each company's particular needs.

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