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New Online 3D Room Design

Professional designers and homeowners that are tired of the waste associated with experimenting on different room layouts and room design ideas can finally relax because Designing Online ( ) has made it easy to create that new design online. Designing Online's room design service guides users through a very simple process that enables them to easily and accurately create the users existing room layout. Then, following suggestions in the users 'Wish List', Designing Online's designers re-design the room by putting all the furniture pieces, home decor items, pictures and window treatments in their optimum place.

The entire room design process is performed online. Upon selecting Designing Online's Room Layout Service, the user can log into their '3D Room Design Control Panel' where the entire re-design process occurs. Easy to follow instructions walk the user through each step of providing their room layout sketch, pictures of their existing room and their wish list. Each step is fully explained and includes a talking assistant that provides additional information as needed.

Within a few days of providing all the information necessary for the designer(s) to begin their work, the room redesign process gets underway. As each designer concludes the room make over, they also provide an in-depth consultation that fully explains their reason for providing the design they have created. Contact forms are also provided if the user and the designer need to discuss some items to a greater degree.

"It's a wonderful experience to see your new room makeover in full-color 3D," said David Nelmes, creator of this new online room design service. "This service is exciting, affordable and unique! You no longer have to waste thousands of dollars redecorating your room, only to find out later that you really don't like how it looks. Now you can see the final results, online, before you even lift a single pillow."

But that's just the beginning ... the best part is that anyone can request up to three different room designs from three different designers. This option practically guarantees any individual will find a room design or combination of ideas that will work perfectly for them. When complete, Designing Online's clients have the ultimate reference that allows them to easily transform their room according to professional advice, or they can simply use the information as a starting point and perform their own interior decorating or even share the plans with other professionals.

To ensure that anyone can be an active part of the room re-design process, Designing Online creates all their 3D room layouts using Plan3d, an online 3D design program that's available to everyone and is easy enough for almost anyone to use. Those who subscribe to Plan3d or use its free reader, can easily view the Plan3D formatted room designs created by Designing Online.

"Plan3d, soon to be the standard for sharing 3D designs online, is the perfect program for us to use when creating new room designs because it provides our clients with the opportunity to actually walk through and experience the rooms we design. There is no topping this.", Nelmes continues, "Besides, until you see it in 3D ... how can you really know what your room will look like? Why would you want to settle for anything less than really knowing?"

Subscribers of the 3D Room Design Software by Plan3D, receive a $50 discount on their room design service since they can easily download the new room designs and fully view, navigate and print their room views on their own. "Basically," Nelmes stated, "It's easier and absolutely more dynamic for the customer if they subscribe to and use Plan3d. The discount is large on purpose so that the customer has more than enough reason to subscribe and therefore achieve the best possible online experience with their new room design."

Alternatively, for potential clients who are not Plan3d subscribers, but still want to see their room makeover on screen, Designing Online can still provide professional aid. After creating the new room design, one of Designing Online's expert interior designers will send the client multiple images of their new room (a view of each wall, a view from each corner and a view from overhead) in 3D. These images are great references when working with designers or when determining furniture placement .

Overall, this service provides a wonderful ability to look into the future and see multiple possibilities for any room...and it's all performed online. "We guarantee that each project will be handled by designers that will give their most sincere and professional effort to provide you with the best possible solutions for you room," Nelmes concluded. "Nowhere does the online industry offer you any easier method to look into the future of your room...and see its true potential. Now that real designing online."

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