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First Instant Hot Water Recirculation Pump Specifically for Tankless Water Heaters Introduced by Laing

Laing Thermotech Inc. has developed a revolutionary new product that will make it even easier for consumers to enjoy the convenience of having instant hot water in their homes. Recently, the industry leader introduced the first hot water recirculation pump designed especially for tankless water heater application. The addition of the new product to the company's inventive line of hot water recirculation pumps will help close a significant void in the marketplace.

"Our UltraCirc 909 tankless instant hot water pump provides owners of tankless hot water system with a true instant hot water solution," said Laing's CEO, Scott S. Shimer.

Now, consumers can enhance the benefits of having a tankless water heater system in their home. The UltraCirc 909's innovative product design provides a controlled hot water recirculation system for tankless water heaters to give users the luxury of having instant hot water at every faucet and shower. With the UltraCirc 909:

  • A strap-on temperature sensor regulates the system temperature and limits the length of time the tankless heater will be operating during the recirculation period.
  • The system will maintain a constant temperature at all fixtures in the home, providing the immediate availability of hot water.
  • The built-in, 24-hour timer also allows users to select the times of day for the system cycle.
  • The timer can be programmed in half-hour increments, and there are multiple on/off settings that can be programmed.
  • A built-in ball valve and check valve make the system simple to install and service.

When it comes to instant hot water circulation pumps, Laing has established itself as a leader in innovation. Laing was the first to create the first practical do-it-yourself hot water circulation system. Its UltraCirc hot water delivery products are ideal for new construction, while the Autocirc pumps are suitable for retrofit applications. Both systems can be easily integrated with an existing hot water supply line and installed by a plumber or the homeowner.

In addition to offering the convenience of instant hot water, Laing's Autocirc and UltraCirc hot water circulation pumps also conserve considerable water, energy and money. The Autocirc or UltraCirc system can save the typical family of four up to 15,000 gallons of water each year. They cost less than 10 cents a day to operate and can preserve enough energy to pay for themselves in less than two years.

The new UltraCirc 909 joins an extensive line of energy-efficient, fractional-horsepower pumps that Laing offers for residential and industrial use.

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