Decorative Concrete Do It Yourself Floor Kits

Decorative Concrete is one of the largest growth products in home and commercial property improvement market. It is rapidly replacing conventional products such as wood, tile and carpet.

Decorative Concrete is an environmentally friendly product and offers many benefits such as:

  • economical
  • allergen free
  • mold & mildew resistant
  • stain resistant
  • easy care
  • pet friendly
  • energy efficient
  • fire resistant

Unfortunately, decorative concrete has not been available or affordable to the average homeowner due to contractors preferring to work with projects over 1,000 sq. ft.

That has now changed thanks to Edward Winslow, a real estate investor, builder and decorative concrete resurfacing expert based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Ed saw the void in this market and began looking into ways to fill it.

"We found that most clients wanted a simple elegant floor and many would be willing to do it themselves if they knew how," said Ed. "The do it yourself market is rapidly expanding and many are capable of doing projects themselves with the right tools and products, a little guidance and education. So we put together a simple step-by-step system enabling anyone to do a floor from start to finish in a single weekend."

Decorative Concrete Kits (DCK) was formed to serve this need... and for the first time in the decorative concrete industry, now anyone can install a professional concrete floor that rivals those installed by professional contractors.

The kits enable everyone to have a designer concrete floor, not just the shopping malls, restaurants, art galleries, museums and high end residential homes.

It's In The Box
DCK provides a complete "Do It Yourself Decorative Concrete Floor" system - delivered right to your door. Kits are available in 200 to 1,000 sq. ft. sizes with your choice of color. Each kit includes everything* necessary to complete a project including tools, primers, color, concrete, sealers and DVD Instructional Video. No need to spend countless hours driving to home improvement stores in search of tools.

Easy, affordable, durable and beautiful.
A typical floor can be completed in a weekend starting on Friday evening with a quick prime coat, Saturday with a second primer coat, two concrete coats and sealed on Sunday. That's the basic system delivered to your door for just over $2.00 per square foot - tools and delivery included.

The company's website is an integral part of its system offering tips, color charts and recipes, a glossary of terms, photo gallery and more. DCK has a step-by-step instructional brochure which can be downloaded for free. Technical support is available online or by phone.

Currently floor resurfacing is the focus. In the future, DCK will offer kits for kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, patios, concrete art and many more. E-books for Kitchens, Baths, Furniture, stenciling, artistic designs and many other applications for both residential homes and commercial property are currently being developed. Anything that can be done with carpet, wood or tile can be done with concrete.

So, why replace when you can re-surface.

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