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Importance of Retaining Walls For Commercial and Business Properties Increase Due to Rising Ocean Levels

Scientists have recently announced that melting ice could raise levels up to 3 feet by 2100. While that may seem like a lifetime away for many, consider that leading climatologists also state that the ice is melting so fast in the Arctic that the North Pole will be in the open sea in as little as 30 years.

If the researchers' estimates are correct, a rise in ocean waters not only would drown many of the low lying inhabited atolls and islands that are already endangered by rising ocean waters, but it would also threaten coastal cities and harbors on every continent.

Over the past 25 years, Arctic ice has reduced by 25 percent. Scientists have long realized that ice reflects heat and as the quantity reduces, so does the amount of heat that can be bounced away from the Earth. Global warming is a major concern along with fear for long term viability of wildlife like polar bears and seals.

For property owners, the rising sea levels hit even closer to home. With the oceans and other bodies of water rising, property is in danger of erosion and destruction. Retaining walls are one measure property owners can take now to help mitigate the impact of the rising waters.

One company on the forefront of offering retaining wall systems to help property owners protect their land and buildings is Northstar Vinyl Products. With a vast retaining wall product line, the materials used in Northstar products are maintenance free, environmentally friendly and priced very competitively with materials that will deteriorate over time.

"Retaining walls are only as good as their components and the quality of their installation," states Jeff Moreau, from Northstar Vinyl Products. "In recent years, we have helped dramatically change retaining walls with two key innovations. Vinyl sheet piling and marine grade composite sheet piling allows us to create retaining walls offering the highest level of durability and versatility," Moreau continues.

The rising sea levels have caused homeowners, developers, communities and governments to take action to protect property and lives. Because of the importance of retaining walls, their construction and upkeep is of paramount importance. To obtain maximum effectiveness, one must have professionals install retaining walls like those available from Northstar that are of the highest quality materials using the latest installation techniques.

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