Aquarion Water Company Urges Customers To Protect Household Water Pipes

Aquarion Water Company is advising its customers to protect their properties from frozen water meters and pipes that could interrupt their water service. During unusually cold temperatures, homeowners should take special care to protect water meters and pipes from freezing.

"By following some simple tips, homeowners can safeguard against the damage that bitter cold can cause and avoid expensive repairs or replacements to meters, pipes and service lines," said Howard Dunn, Vice President of Operations and Technology.


  • Check the temperature around the meter by placing a thermometer close to it to obtain an accurate reading; remember it's colder near the floor and along foundation walls. Standing water will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).
  • Repair broken or cracked windows and walls.
  • Install storm windows on basement windows.
  • Close windows and doors to the outside tightly.
  • Insulate outside walls, and eliminate drafts from crawl spaces.
  • If the meter is located outdoors or in an unheated garage, take extra care to make sure the meter is insulated. Check with your local plumbing service supplier about insulating materials.


  • Insulate pipes. If a sink is installed against an outside wall, insulate the wall.
  • Open cabinets beneath the sink to allow warm air to reach the pipes.
  • Remove water hoses from outside connections.
  • Turn off water to outdoor faucets and, when possible, drain the pipes.


To thaw a frozen meter or pipe, try to get some heat to the area or aim a hair dryer or heat lamp at it. Temporary heating units should never be left unattended. Never thaw a frozen meter or pipe with an open flame. It is a fire hazard and can create a steam explosion. If you are unsuccessful at thawing and your meter or pipes appear to be damaged, contact a licensed plumber or call Aquarion.

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