Morrisons HQ Harvest Rainwater With Help from Guttermaster

Morrisons new HQ building in Bradford reflects their ethos of tradition with innovation. The building provides the 1400 staff with first class working conditions and meets the need for sustainability. One of the innovative features is the rainwater harvesting system that uses high durability gutters from Guttermaster.

Modern materials have been used where they provide a better technical solution. Therefore, Guttermaster have supplied over 400 linear metres of aluminium gutters, soffits and aerofoil fascias as part of the roofline detailing. Aluminium contributes to sustainability because with only modest maintenance it will last the lifetime of the building. It has a high residual value and is fully recyclable using only 5% of the energy required in first production.

The custom made gutters and roof trim elements combine function with style, softening the sharp eaves line to create a more natural and organic appearance. The components were delivered under a £130,000 supply-only contract for installation by roofing specialist Roofdec. Shepherd Construction was the main contractor.

In recent times Yorkshire has suffered severe drought and the building is one of the largest rainwater harvesting schemes in the UK. All the water from the roof is captured and transferred to tanks in the basement. After filtration to remove debris, the water is then made available for toilets and other domestic uses in the building. This saves the needless use of metered, treated mains water.

The Morrisons HQ is on three floors and provides a working area of 331,000 square feet - equal to three football pitches. Bradford has many fine stone buildings dating back more than a hundred years. Architect, Michael Hellawell, has created a building that sits comfortably in this environment but which is suited for 21st century working. Traditional values are reflected in the Yorkshire stone cladding and slate faced Mansard roofs.

Michael Hellawell noted, "When it comes to building-in sustainability much attention is focussed on high-tech and high cost solutions - but simplicity is often the best answer. Using durable, low maintenance materials adds little to cost, but makes an enduring contribution. Likewise harvesting rainwater is a modest investment that has a rapid payback and continues to make savings long into the future."

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