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High Performance Skylights Produced with Nanogel Aerogel

To meet growing consumer demand for more energy-efficient, eco-friendly daylighting options, Cabot Aerogel, a product line of Cabot Corporation, announced a new product incorporating Nanogel(R) aerogel in skylights produced by ACRALIGHT(TM) International Skylights, a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial, residential and custom structural skylights. Information on the new energy- efficient Acralight(TM) skylights with Nanogel(R) aerogel will be available at the AIA 2007 Conference in San Antonio, Texas May 3- 5, in Cabot Booth #17048 and in ACRALIGHT Booth #16275.

Nanogel(R) aerogel is the world's lightest, light-transmitting, solid insulation material. This unique, silica-based product is produced by Cabot using a patented process to create an aerogel material that is only 5% solids and 95% air. The extreme small pore structure of aerogel (approximately 20 nano-meters) eliminates convection, while the light-weight content of the solid aerogel minimizes conduction. The combination of these two unique properties prevents heat loss and solar heat gain more effectively than any other insulation material on the market. Additionally, Nanogel aerogel eliminates glare to disperse an even, soft, diffuse light for better energy savings and other features that are proven beneficial to the overall health and well-being of occupants.

Acralight skylights with Nanogel incorporate the feather-light aerogel material filled within the cells of polycarbonate panels that are securely positioned inside Acralight skylight acrylic domes. Curb mount and self- flashing models are available with Nanogel aerogel for use in residential and commercial projects for new construction and replacement applications. The U- value for the new Acralight skylights with Nanogel ranges from .22 to .17, depending on the model selected. Daylight light transmission ranges from 57% to 43% and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ranges from .57 to .43

"With Acralight plus Nanogel aerogel skylights, consumers have an outstanding energy-efficient eco-daylighting alternative. Both architects and builders will find this Nanogel aerogel skylight provides a high performance long-term solution to decreasing energy costs, stricter building regulations and more design options," said James Satterwhite, global business manager for Cabot's Nanogel Construction segment.

"The highest quality of skylights for residential, commercial land industrial use has always been a priority for Acralight," said Lance McCabe, CEO and Kevin Norcross, President of ACRALIGHT International Skylights. "By incorporating Nanogel aerogel into our products, we provide another compelling reason for consumers to request Acralight with Nanogel. We provide the highest quality of daylighting and energy efficiency in both hot and cool climates."

Since 2003, Cabot Nanogel(R) aerogel now has been installed in a numerous daylighting projects in more than 35 states in the US and five countries in Europe. Nanogel aerogel is currently available in superior glazing systems manufactured by Kalwall(R), Technical Glass Products, Inc., Supersky Products, Inc., Duo-Gard Industries, and WASCO Products, Inc.

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