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HADCO Introduce Outdoor Lighting that is Longer Lasting

Outdoor lighting that is longer lasting, energy efficient, safer, and easier to install and maintain has been introduced by Hadco, a leading manufacturer of specification-grade traditional outdoor architectural lighting products.

"Each of Hadco's four technological advances is a result of customers coming to us and our engineers and asking for market-driven solutions," says Chris Hammelef, vice president and general manager of The Hadco Corporation. "Our Optical Rib™ technology maximizes ground illumination. Our use of solar-powered technology saves energy, and our next generation of LED lighting systems eliminates hot spots that are often associated with longer-life light-emitting diodes. Municipalities, utilities and institutions will love our new tool-less designs because they save money, are maintenance friendly, and safer than conventional designs."

Better Directed Light Benefits
Hadco's Optical Rib technology maximizes not only the amount of light that is directed downward but also provides new levels of light disbursement to virtually eliminate glare. By allowing a maximum of 2 percent upward illumination, it meets cut-off requirements and is dark skies friendly.

"This is important in architectural lighting because it reduces shadows, dark spots, and other distractions caused by uneven lighting," Eric Haddad, vice president of commercial sales and marketing for Hadco, notes. "Designers also will appreciate that Optical Rib technology visually hides the internal components of the luminaire."

Tool-less Benefits
Another technology advancement from Hadco features products that do not require tools for routine maintenance - utilizing engineering that saves still more time and cuts more costs than other tool-less technologies. By improving speed and ease of component replacement and maintenance, Hadco's new tool-less engineering frees employees for other work therefore saving money.

Integral to the company's new teardrop and decorative post-top luminaries, Hadco's unique combination of no-tool features includes a single latch for easy access to the ballast, the lamp and the photo control. These improved tool-less advantages, plus new IP66 dust and water resistant ratings, are now available in a range of Hadco pendant and post-top designs.

Light-emitting Diodes Benefits
While longer-lasting LED lighting systems are more cost-efficient than their conventional counterparts, historically hot spots on LED fixtures have caused thermal stress. By overcoming this problem, Hadco's LED system is more durable.

"Up until now most LED fixtures have merely been retrofit designs from conventional fixtures. Retrofits often create hot spots and inadequate thermal management. Hadco engineers designed its new LED fixtures from the ground up to eliminate heat problems," says Lew Waltz, vice president of landscape sales and marketing for Hadco. "The life of one of our new LED designs is projected to be 14 years."

Solar Benefits
Energy and cost savings plus improved security are key benefits of a solar lighting management system being introduced by Hadco and SolarOne® Solutions. (SolarOne® is a registered trademark of SolarOne Solutions.) The new Hadco system, which already is in operation on the campus of Yale University, utilizes super-charged, space-saving solar panels that harvest sunlight and then power highly efficient and long-lasting light-emitting diodes (LEDs). It can be custom fitted to virtually any post top or pendant product in Hadco's broad line of decorative lighting offerings.

"In addition to being an environmentally and budget-friendly technology, solar panels allow us to deploy decorative lighting in places that otherwise would have to be on a conventional electric power grid," says Hadco Vice President and General Manager Hammelef. "Solar panels give us greater flexibility in how and where we place outdoor lighting. They also provide new levels of security should power be lost, such as the lighting of parking lots."

Hadco unveiled its Optical Rib, solar, LEDs, and tool-less technologies on May 8 in New York, N.Y., at LIGHTFAIR 2007 - the world's largest annual lighting trade show and conference.

Features Summary: Optical Rib™ Technology

  • Engineered to be dark skies friendly, low-glare, high efficiency and uniform lighting applications

  • Maximized downward lighting, a maximum of 2 percent upward illumination; making it compliant with cut-off requirements

  • Hidden internal arc tubes and reflectors for attractive daytime appearance; ideal for historic settings

  • Applied to 15 outdoor fixture models including decorative teardrop and post-top style

  • Designed with a vertical rib pattern shaped right into the lens to shed water and dirt so the lens stays cleaner; this also helps reduce maintenance

  • Offered with ultraviolet stabilized lens made of injection-molded, lighting-grade acrylic (Low expansion Borosilicate glass available in some products)

  • Offered with precision-formed, segmented, or hydro-formed aluminum cutoff reflectors and horizontal or vertical lamp mounting hardware
    Tool-less Design

  • Designed for no-tools maintenance improving safety for crews as well as saving time and money

  • Rated IP (Ingress Protection) 66 - 6 indicating the product is dust-tight and 6 indicating it is protected from water projected at 26.4 gallons per minute from a jet nozzle against the enclosure from any direction

  • Maintenance friendly with Hadco's unique combination of no-tool features including a single latch for easy access to the ballast, the lamp, and the photo controlLED Systems

  • Managed thermal stress to make fixtures more durable

  • Projected for 14 years of low-maintenance performance

  • Equipped with technically advanced luminaries for superior efficiency, safety, and longevity

  • Energy efficient with light produced by converting electrical energy directly into visible light with no energy loss through ballasts, no breakable filaments or arc tubes, and no pressurized gasses
    Decorative Off-Grid Solar Powered Fixtures

  • Environmentally friendly with sunlight harvested through super-charged, space-saving solar panels

  • Powered by cost-efficient and long-lasting, light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

  • Installed independent of electrical grid

  • Costs saved by not connecting to grid via trenching and wiring

  • Designed to be environmentally friendly with each lamp offsetting an estimated 4,000 pounds of greenhouse gases annually

  • Capable of continuous operations even when electrical grid power failures occur

  • Recommended light levels for individual control of each light mod

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