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U.S. Stairlifts Inc has Announced the Release of the Safe-N -Easy Stairlift

U.S. Stairlifts Inc. has announced the release of the Safe-N-Easy Stairlift(TM) in the United States. Although stairlifts have been popular and commonplace in the U.K. and mainland Europe for several decades, they are about to go mainstream here in the United States. Stairlifts (a.k.a. stair lift, chair lift, stairway chair lift) provide mobility-challenged individuals with a safe, easy and affordable mode of ascending and descending their stairs.

Senior citizens in the U.S. have become more dependent on mobility-assistive devices in recent years. And the aging baby-boomer population is following closely on their heels. Until recently there was no affordable device available to middle-income Americans with mobility issues to facilitate the full use of a home with stairs. The only options were either moving out (with invariable financial and emotional drawbacks), or spending the equivalent sum of a new automobile on a residential elevator (where actually feasible). For many of this country's mobility-challenged residents who live on fixed incomes or have limited financial resources, neither option was viable. The Safe-N-Easy Stairlift will now provide an alternative, affordable remedy.

Installing a stairlift is the simplest and most affordable solution to the stair-climbing dilemma facing many aging citizens. Alarmingly, the American public remains largely uneducated regarding this readily-available device. Many who have lost full use of their home because of stairs don't know stairlifts are available, where to obtain one, or how affordable they really are. U.S. Stairlifts Inc. hopes to reverse this deficiency with the release of the Safe-N-Easy Stairlift(TM).

Boasting an affordable price tag of around $2000, the Safe-N-Easy Stairlift(TM) features a sleek, attractive appearance, state of the art features (including a sophisticated onboard diagnostic system and wireless remote control) and a lifetime drive-train warranty. They can now be obtained by telephone or via the internet and shipped direct to the consumer. Strategically placed warehouses in the U.S. allow a rapid turn-around time of from 1-5 business days.

Major home-improvement retailers like Lowe's and The Home Depot have imbued the typical American consumer with an 'I can do this myself' optimism. To satisfy this growing trend, the Safe-N-Easy Stairlift(TM) was expressly designed for easy self-installation. This saves the consumer hundreds of dollars for professional installation that is normally required for other stairlift models sold in the U.S. With simple, easy to follow instructions, as well as an instructional DVD, the typical handy person can complete installation in the same time it takes to watch a baseball or football game.

"With my C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and my wife's arthritis, this (stairlift) has made our lives so much easier. We should have bought one sooner," said stairlift owner Philip Richmond of Roanoke, Virginia who highly recommends this device to others who wish to regain the full use of their home again.

In addition to the elimination of painful or near impossible stair-climbing, stairlift owners (and their families) no longer live with the usual fears - an accidental and tragic fall and/or being trapped during an unexpected emergency (such as a fire). Added bonuses include utilizing the device to effortlessly transport groceries, laundry, or even pets. And the financial enticements are especially attractive to government and private health care providers who stand to save thousands of dollars since the installation of a stairlift allows seniors to remain in their existing dwellings rather than move to an assisted living or nursing home facility.

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