BBA Certification for Glasroc Products

British Gypsum’s award winning Glasroc paperless gypsum boards have received new certification from the British Board of Agrement (BBA), the UK’s leading independent approval body for construction products.

Glasroc FireCase s, the market leading steel encasement board and Glasroc MultiBoard, a high performance multi-purpose lining board, are manufactured by a unique patented process that provides an ultra-smooth plaster-like surface, unlike traditional plasterboards which have a paper lining to both faces.

In the absence of appropriate British Standards, BBA certificates provide architects and other construction industry professionals with the assurance of an independent assessment of the fire, acoustic and structural performance of the products, based on actual test evidence.

The new certificates for Glasroc FireCase s and Glasroc MultiBoard also include up-to-date information on the physical properties, weights, densities and dimensions of the products, and the latest Building Regulation Approved Documents, as well as new fire resistance testing information and Hp/A tables, as appropriate.

Glasroc boards were developed by British Gypsum almost 20 years ago and are today used for a wide range of applications from fire protection to structural steel beams and columns, to high performance firewalls and fire, moisture and impact resistant wall and ceiling linings. Glasroc MultiBoard, due to its exceptional flexibility, is also widely used for lining modern curved wall and ceiling structures.

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