Francois & Co Announces A New Line of Fireplace Mantels

Francois & Coannounces a new line of Fireplace Mantels - the focal point of the home - Select from the Heritage Collection, a line of Hand-carved Limestone Authentic Replicas of Antique Mantels from the French and Italian Renaissance, or from our Scagliola Stone™, Copper or Pewter Fireplace collections, for the Perfect Fireplace Mantel for your home, at François & Co.

The Focal Point of the Home

Design experts agree the right fireplace mantel turns your fireplace into the focal point of the home. A stone fireplace mantel becomes a focal point of the home when it preserves the integrity and beauty of the home for generations to come. The craftsmanship of François & Co. turns fireplace mantels into outstanding works of art using the finest materials. That statement is precisely what best describes the Heritage Collection of François & Co. The collection features a unique selection of hand-carved limestone mantels that are authentic replicas of antique stone fireplace mantels discovered, and imported from France.

The designers of François & Co. travel throughout France in search of unique, antique hand-carved stone mantels. These antique custom stone fireplace mantels are preserved from the past and feature intricate details - such as a carved shell cartouche or a bas relief shield embellished with a noble "fleur de lys" carving. These fine details that have withstood the passage of centuries, clearly set them apart, almost as museum-quality works of art.

Our goal is to preserve this rich heritage and exquisite craftsmanship, and place these hand-carved limestone or Scagliola Stone™ fireplace mantels back into today's homes. The French stonemasons commissioned by François & Co. painstakingly carve, exact replicas of the Antique masterpieces using reclaimed stone from historical estates, newly cut limestone or Scagliola Stone™.

The detail and beauty recreated by these artisans is peerless, withstanding the closest inspection. The Heritage Collection is a line of hand-carved limestone mantels. These reproductions of Antique fireplace mantels are as close to the originals as it gets. They preserve and bring back the beauty of stone mantels of the past to the discriminating homeowners of today. Each individual fireplace design of the Heritage Collection conveys a tremendous sense of history and a timeless beauty.

The fireplace mantels of the Heritage Collection are also available in our trademark Scagliola Stone™. Scagliola is a technique developed by impoverished Italian monks in the 17th century who were searching for an economical way to restore their monastery.

Thierry François, chief designer of François & Co. revived the secret recipe used by the Italian monks who restored their monasteries. Scagliola is an aggregate of marble chips (Scaglia in Italian), stabilizing agents and pigments that are combined to form a material indistinguishable from natural stone. The precision and intricate details of the Scagliola Stone™ fireplace mantels of François & Co. are truly astonishing. The Scagliola Stone™ is a noble, authentic alternative to lesser cast stone and concrete products. The François & Co. hand-made Scagliola Stone™ fireplace mantels of the Heritage Collection feature intricate details, impossible to achieve with cast stone or lightweight concrete.

The residents of Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando and Los Angeles represent only a small portion of discriminating homeowners, business owners, designers, architects and builders from across the United States who seek out François & Co. online for their custom fireplace mantles and kitchen hoods.

See the intricate details of the Heritage Collection and make the fireplace mantel the focal point of your home whether you are in San Francisco, Denver, St. Louis, New England or Washington D.C.

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