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Concrete Surface Sealant that Does not Neeed Re-Application

Common surface sealants for concrete and masonry tend to wear off and be subject to weathering and abrasion, and need regular re-applications. Now Nanovations Pty Ltd is introducing a product that is a new revolutionary concept in concrete and masonry protection technology.

The product, known as 3001, is simply added to the concrete or masonry during the mixing process, providing it with water repellent properties and outstanding protection from efflorescence (the formation of white powder on the surface of the concrete), salt damages, and moss and algal growth.

3001 significantly reduces rising damp, thereby preventing paint bubbling and lifting of exposed surfaces. It also results in masonry being more stain resistant, by significantly reducing the ingress of liquid water and any dissolved salts and dirt that the water may carry. It also protects colored concrete products from unsightly discolorations.

3001 protects pavers used in coastal areas or near swimming pools from salt and chlorine damage. Concrete with added 3001 is water vapor permeable. However, after the normal curing time, the concrete or masonry product has a significantly lower water absorption rate than that of untreated concrete.

The bulk impregnation for complete concrete parts, pavers and masonry or roof tiles can't be worn off like surface treatments.
Surface abrasion and high traffic which usually wears off any sealer will not affect the treatment and the function.

Concrete treated with 3001 is also frost/thaw resistant, which makes it especially suitable for climates with severe winters including North America, and northern Europe and Asia.

Because of Nanovations 3001's mass impregnation technology, common water repellent surface sealants are no longer required. In addition, concrete additives for salt resistance and the prevention of efflorescence can be avoided. Unlike common surface sealants, 3001 requires no re-application, saving considerable expense and inconvenience.

"3001 is completely water-based and VOC free," says Harry Stulajter, Director of Nanovations. "This is the long awaited technology to avoid millions of gallons of polluting solvents currently used in penetrating sealers. The product has been tested for salt resistance, efflorescence, water absorption and frost/thawing behavior."

Nanovations welcomes enquiries from concrete, pavers and masonry manufacturers, as well as concrete mould producers and any professional organizations involved in the industry.

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