Sutor Launches its Antistatic Color Coating Steel Strips with Its New, Innovative Technology

Sutor Technology Group, Ltd. ("Sutor") announced that it successfully developed antistatic color coating technology for its new product -- antistatic color coating steel strips - in August.

The antistatic coating technology is a composition of regular varnish and conducting varnish, in a certain ratio, on pre-processed base steel through innovative baking and coating production techniques. At this point, Sutor is the sole producer of this product in China. A new variety of color coated steel is used to build production rooms for precision manufacturing devices, such as semiconductors, PC shells, operation rooms in hospitals, laboratories, etc., which require a static-free environment. Before Sutor's development of the antistatic color coating technology, Chinese consumption relied solely on imported products.

The new products have achieved great market feedback. Sutor believes its sales will increase rapidly along with the market awareness. Ms. Lifang Chen, the Chairman of Sutor said delightedly, "It is a great achievement for our company, which increases our product pool selection, enhances our market position and proves our R&D ability once again. I want to thank our R&D staff for their hard work, and I believe our company will develop more value-added products in the future."

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