Remote Controlled Shutters can be Operated from any Room in the House

National shutter retailer Sunburst Shutters introduces its new Polywood shutters with remote control -- a system that combines the beauty and long-lasting quality of Polywood with the convenience and ease of radio frequency motorization technology, a first for interior shutters.

Remote control Polywood shutters help busy homeowners save time by adjusting all the shutters in their home at once, without going into each room and adjusting each shutter panel individually. This is especially helpful in homes with hard to reach windows, windows in rooms with vaulted ceilings, or windows that need to be adjusted frequently like those in a home theater room.

This technology is beneficial for many different types of homes and homeowners. Instead of leaving shutters permanently closed all day, every day, homeowners can now capture the natural light during the day and then quickly close the shutters at night for privacy.

Disabled or elderly homeowners who have difficulty moving around the house might not have the mobility to operate traditional window treatments; the remote control allows them to adjust their shutters with a touch of a button.

Innovative radio frequency remote technology, only available through Sunburst, allows shutters to be adjusted from any room in the house. A homeowner can use a handheld remote or wall mounted switch to operate Polywood shutters in individual rooms of their choice or simultaneously operate multiple shutters in multiple rooms. The radio frequency system with Sunburst allows shutters to be set to the angle that best suits the room and its natural lighting.

"The degree of control and the ease of use these shutters provide is really unprecedented," said Dix Jarman, co-owner and CEO of Sunburst Shutters. "Incorporating the remote control with our classic Polywood shutters will make a lot of people's lives easier. In addition, homeowners who might not have considered shutters before because of vaulted ceilings or hard to reach windows now have a solution."

In addition, a homeowner who already has Polywood shutters can get them replaced with a motorized shutter in their existing frame.

The motor is installed into the base of the shutter and when in use, operates all the louvers in unison. No wiring is necessary and the motor runs smoothly and quietly on four AA batteries. The only maintenance required for the remote control shutters is the replacement of batteries in the remote and motors.

"Installation is a breeze," said Jarman. "Our team will program the remote to the homeowner's needs right in the home, and give them all necessary instruction for their new remote control system so they can immediately start enjoying the benefits of their beautiful shutters at the touch of a button."

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