Maintenance-Free Exterior Vinyl Shutters

Shutters have been used for hundreds of years to enhance the beauty of homes. Traditionally, shutters served a functional purpose. With the desire to bring light and ventilation into homes, shutters forever made their mark on architectural history. The definition of shutter is as follows: Shutter: That which shuts out or excludes; specifically, a cover, usually hinged, for closing an opening. Historically, shutters were in pairs completely closed together in the center of the window. In fact, some shutters, hundreds of years ago were a single shutter that closed over the entire window.

Today, lots of things have changed. The need for extra ventilation and light is not always needed, but the added beauty to your home is still in high demand. Today most shutters serve simply as a way to add a touch of class and character to your home. Shutters can take a bland home, dress it up and bring some life out of it. Many houses today have some form of exterior shutter. Most shutters are made out of wood or vinyl. In the past, shutters were only made out of wood. They were custom built to match the window. However, with the rise of vinyl products in the building industry, wood shutters have started to lose some grounds to the industry in recent years.

There are many reasons people are choosing vinyl over wood shutters today. First and foremost, vinyl shutters are maintenance-free. Other than just washing them occasionally, there is not much more your shutters will ever need. Most shutters today are strictly for looks with no functionality at all. Wood shutters require maintenance. They need to be painted once a year to preserve the wood. Since most of us don’t have time, energy or just the will to perform this maintenance, the shutters begin to deteriorate. When wood shutters are neglected, they begin to serve the polar opposite of what the intended purpose is. Suddenly they make the house look old and uncared for. Wood shutters usually have to look bad for a long time before anyone will take notion and replace them. Vinyl Shutters require no painting. After you hang them, they’re done.

Vinyl shutters are very durable. They hold up well in inclement weather. It does not crack, rot or peel. It will not swell or warp in humid conditions. Its durability is impeccable. Most vinyl shutters are sold with at least a 25 year warranty. This is incredible. Hang shutters today and they should last 25 years or maybe a lifetime. That is the appeal. That is what the consumer wants. Again, maintenance-free.

What about the colors? Well vinyl shutters are made in many colors now. Most companies offer a paintable version too. Many shutter companies offer up to 15 colors. With a wide color range to choose from, you should be able to find the color you need.

Vinyl shutters are easy to install. Many homeowners actually install their own shutters. This also appeals to consumers. The lightweight vinyl shutter is easily installed by one person alone. Even when hiring a contractor to perform the project, sometimes you can actually save enough money on the labor, to justify the cost of the new vinyl shutters. This idea appeals to both remodelers and homeowners. It’s a win/win situation. Again, instead of spending 2 days removing and painting existing wood shutters, most would opt to spend a half a day replacing with vinyl shutters.

Vinyl Shutters are very reasonably priced. They sell very well in both remodeling and new construction markets. The remodeling market we mentioned above. The new construction market has gravitated toward the vinyl shutter for all the same reasons as the remodeling market-durability, easy to install, maintenance-free, etc… But the one thing that drives the new construction market vs. the remodeling market is price. The vinyl shutter is priced much better than the wood shutter. Price drives the new construction market. But it doesn’t take a new construction spec home builder to see the value vinyl shutters versus the wood shutter.

To sum it all up, vinyl shutters are much less expensive, available in many colors (including paintable), available in custom sizes, easy to install and durable. But the best part again is they are maintenance free. When weighing all these options, it’s easy to see why the market has shifted toward vinyl shutters.

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