Green Manufactured Pre-Fab Modern Sheds for Half the Price With Half the Assembly Time

MetroShed, the leader of green manufactured pre-fab modern sheds in America, takes prefab modern sheds to the next level by redesigning the modern cabana to be built in just half the time of its predecessor.

Pre-Fab Shed

Utilizing SIP panels for the walls (structural insulated panels) and a ground-breaking architectural design, MetroShed has created the easiest modern shed to build in the industry. Two people with no building experience can build a Metroshed modern shed in just a single 8 hour day, making pre-fab modern sheds a real solution to anyone that needs more space. David Ballinger, British modern designer, who splits his time between California, Florida and London, commented, 'It's important to offer a new alternative to space needs in difficult housing markets across America. While many are unaffected by the flat housing market, a lot are certainly experiencing troubling times...they need more space and many feel trapped with few options. The newly designed MetroShed provides the solution to offer customers extra space to their existing property in a cost effective and quick way. We continue to increase production of our MetroShed home offices, art studios and guest suites to meet demand and realize a lot of people need more space immediately, from changing working environments, to changing family needs to the retired couple who want to spend more time on their hobbies.'

As well as fast production times, the flat pack MetroShed modern shed also has factory-direct pricing on its demo MetroShed modern sheds, which are half the price of its closest competitors. David Ballinger, pre-fab pioneer stated, "When a demo MetroShed modern shed is used for a press event or corporate function it makes more sense to ship the MetroShed modern shed direct to the customer, instead of incurring an additional shipping cost to bring it back to the MetroShed modern shed factory. This simple change to our business enables us to pass on the efficiencies of scale to the customer, resulting in 30 to 50% savings - depending on the size of the MetroShed modern shed and options.'

The most popular MetroShed modern cabana is a 9ft deep by 13ft wide pre-fab structure, which at 117 sq. ft. falls under most state guidelines for outside storage buildings. In most states you are allowed 120 sq. ft. without requiring a permit (though some allow more, some allow less). This 'extra room' also allows homeowners to add square footage to their homes for a lot less than a home addition - and all in just one day.

Pricing starts at $4,995 for a DIY pre-cut kit, making it the most affordable modern shed in the modern small pre-fab market. Fully loaded 'demo MetroSheds' start at just $7,495, while other small modern prefab sheds or cabanas can be twice as much for the same square footage. You could purchase ten MetroSheds pre-cut kits for the same cost as a single modern shed in Design Within Reach - that's ten times the space for the same amount of money. A demo MetroShed is also a good solution to adding square footage when you consider a home addition of the same size can cost upward of $40,000 - not to mention the minimal impact of building - no builders on site for weeks at a time.

MetroShed proves being 'green' and producing pre-fabricated components, such as floor boxes and SIP walls, can greatly lower the price of production. In the past few years, MetroShed is proud to have reduced the price, while increasing the square footage of the standard, most popular Metro Shed garden sheds.

MetroShed has moved into a larger production facility just minutes from Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida to prefabricate the new 2008 MetroShed. New York and California continue to be the hot property markets that spearhead the need for a small pre-fab garden guest suite like the MetroShed.

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