Environmentally Friendly and Practical Method for Dismantling an Entire High Rise Building

Kashima has developed the KATTOANDODAUN Kashima method (KC and D) of building demolition and construction. The method also known as Daruma-Otoshi is currently being used to demolish both a 20 floor and a 17 floors building.

The so-called "drop potbellied" method uses mechanical pillars to support the building while the bottom floor is demolished with materials and fixtures being preserved for recycling. When the floor is cleared, the building is lowered to the ground and the 'new' bottom floor demolished. The process is repeated until the entire building is dismatled. The process give the appearance of the building melting into the pavement.

The method is highly efficient, reduces pollution from noise and dust as well as providing a financial incentive from recycling components. The method also suits buildings in earthquake prone areas as earthquake warning systems can remain functional while work progresses, increasing worker safety.

A video of the method follows:

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