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PecoraTilt-Seal,The First Sealant Designed Specifically for Tilt-Up Construction

In an effort to save time and labor in tilt-up construction, Pecora has introduced Tilt-Seal(TM), a new high-quality weatherproofing sealant specifically formulated for the unique needs of tilt-up professionals. An advanced acrylic latex sealant, Tilt-Seal provides the movement necessary for concrete panels while saving labor and time with no mixing, a fast cure time, and easy clean-up with water.

Tilt-Seal is a one-component, water-based sealant with color stability and resistance to ultraviolet rays, ozone and airborne contaminants. This product is a solvent-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product with a very low VOC content. No solvents are employed in clean-up either -- the applicator simply uses water to remove excess sealant and to clean tools.

Because Tilt-Seal is a one-component sealant, the labor required for mixing a two-component sealant is eliminated. The material and labor costs traditionally associated with priming are also removed because Tilt-Seal offers primerless adhesion to pre-cast concrete. But perhaps the strongest feature of Tilt-Seal is that the time from caulking to painting is decreased.

"One of the absolute best things about Tilt-Seal is the paintability of the product," states Kelly Johnson, Pecora's Western Territory Manager. "With urethane sealants the contractor has to wait 7-10 days to begin painting which often causes delays and I've seen numerous problems over the years with paint adhesion to various urethane sealants. Not only can Tilt-Seal be painted within 24 hours, but paint and coatings adhere to acrylic latex sealants significantly better than to polyurethane sealants."

Because this product was designed for being painted over by professionals, Tilt-Seal is manufactured in one color and one configuration -- limestone 5-gallon units. Pecora's sealants are available from authorized weatherproofing distributors throughout the United States.

"We appreciate Tilt-Seal's fast curing paintable properties as well as the fact it's easy to use, competitively priced, and offers exceptional adhesion," states Johan Morskate, Estimator/Project Manager with Sanders & Wohrman Corporation, a large commercial weatherproofing contractor based in Orange, CA. "This product, especially when combined with Pecora's superior field service and technical resource team, is without question unrivaled in today's tilt-up sealant market."

Pecora is an American manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing products offering a full line of silicone, urethane and latex sealants specifically formulated to provide superior quality and a wide range of sealant properties for the commercial construction market. For more information, please visit

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