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Serious Materials Launches ThermaProof Energy-Saving Windows and Doors

Serious Materials today announced its new ThermaProof™ energy-saving windows. The new line of windows, for both commercial and residential construction, offer true, full-frame R-values of R-5 to R-11. These performance levels are up to four times higher than current Energy Star requirements and are the only windows that already exceed proposed Energy Star standards for 2013. ThermaProof windows save more energy than any other major brand, and can save over $100,000 in energy costs over the life of the windows in a typical single-family residence.

Highest Energy Savings in Industry

“Our new ThermaProof windows can reduce heating and cooling bills up to 40%,” said Kevin Surace, CEO, Serious Materials. “Choosing ThermaProof is the single biggest way to reduce a building’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. These windows pay for themselves in reduced energy consumption, and fast ROI makes this an easy decision. And with 99.5% UV blockage, condensation resistance, year round radiant comfort, and directional climate-zone tuning, ThermaProof windows go far beyond other offerings on multiple levels.”

Industry Support for ThermaProof’s Breakthrough Performance

“Currently, the best opportunity to improve the efficiency of buildings, improve clients ability to receive energy credits with LEED, and reduce the carbon footprint rely on the building envelope. And today that primarily rests with our glazing and glass systems,” said Phil Williams, Vice President, Sustainability, at Webcor Builders, one of the largest LEED contractors in the country. “Any product, including ThermaProof windows, that can significantly improve the thermal performance without compromising lighting and acoustics has our full support. We are committed to helping accelerate the introduction of new products in the built environment, and look forward to working with Serious Materials on this important new technology.”

“Raising the technology bar in window performance offers significant energy savings versus the older dual-pane low-e windows which have been sold for many years,” said Amory Lovins, co-founder and chief scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute. “Choosing high R-value windows for homes, schools, hotels and offices is one of the best ways to help achieve net zero energy buildings today, as we have been advocating for years.”

ThermaProof Technology

ThermaProof windows combine an enhanced AlpenGlass+ insulated glass package with fully-insulated framing systems to achieve the highest insulation performance across the full-frame – not just measured at center of glass. ThermaProof windows combine eight key technologies to achieve world class performance:

  • Suspended mylar convection-reducing film system
  • Inert noble gas fill
  • New, proprietary, reverse double seal
  • New, proprietary EcoSpacer™
  • Wet glazing of the insulated glass unit
  • New frame systems with ultra-wide insulated glass units
  • New fully-insulated frame systems
  • Triple-fin weather-stripping
  • Measure Window Performance With Full Frame R-Value

R-Value is a standard measure of heat loss through a partition, such as a wall, window or door. In the past, while the insulating performance of walls has been measured in R-Value, windows have been measured by U-Value (U-value is the reciprocal of R-Value, so an R-Value of 10.0 equals a U-Value of 0.10). The use of U-value makes it harder for builders and homeowners to see the poor R-Value performance of major brand windows. As high technology insulating windows such as ThermaProof come to market, the Department of Energy and others are using Full Frame R-Value to measure window performance instead of the older U-Value metric.


ThermaProof windows come in a full range of commercial and beautiful residential styles, including single-hung, double-hung, gliders, casement, gliding doors, and swing doors as well as curtain wall and storefront systems. Additionally, residential windows are available in a composite stainable woodgrain interior finish for high-end homes. ThermaProof windows may be ordered now through authorized dealers across the U.S. Customers may call (800) 797-8159 for more information or go to

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