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Using Faux Wood, Brick and Stone to Build Your Home's Resale Value

It's a great time to add value to your home with a little sweat equity. Update your home with faux beams and panels from, the equity is about as close as you can get to no-sweat.

Boost your home's resale value with affordable and easy-to-install faux stone panels

There's nothing faux about the value and ease that artificial wood, brick and rock products add to home remodeling projects. The high-quality beams, panels and siding are made from high-tech, durable, synthetic materials in strikingly lifelike detail. They look like the actual wood, brick and stone from which they're molded.

The no-sweat part comes from easy handling and installation. One person can lift a 20-foot faux wood beam, and two can attach it to the ceiling. Anyone can cut fake wood, brick or stone panels to size with a wood saw and cover a wall with them. Following step-by-step instructions, the average remodeling hobbyist can build a brick fireplace in the family room or construct a pair of stone columns in the yard for a fraction of the cost and time.

Here are a few starter ideas for building the resale value of a home using faux products.

Surround a Tub or Spa with Stone Panels

Bring the comfort and elegance of a spa home. What home buyer wouldn't be impressed with a fun, atmospheric room like this? Fake stone panels make it easy, and they're available in a wide variety of designs and shades to create a custom look.

Add Instant Class with Corbels

Corbels get the credit for turning an ordinary flat soffit into a classy feature that upgrades the entire look of a home's exterior. They also add a signature interior design touch inside, as part of a fireplace mantel, shelving, cabinetry and more.

Wood corbels come in lots of different shapes and sizes to fit the necessary style and scale, ranging from subtle 4-inch chunks to prominent features two or three feet long. Corbels are available pre-finished in a variety of wood tones, or you can finish them to match your decor. Compared with real wood, these corbels are lighter, less expensive and easier to install -- and they don't rot or attract insects.

Wood Beams Make the Bedroom Ceiling Worth Looking At

Homeowners often add faux ceiling beams to give a rustic barnlike feel to a room, but beams can just as easily change the mood in other ways. For example, smooth painted beams can give the room a light, restful, storybook cottage atmosphere.

Of course you can do any of these projects even if you're not planning to sell your home anytime soon, and get all the advantages of enjoying them yourself. Nothing's more valuable than that.

For more project ideas and complete information about faux beams and panels, visit the and websites.

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