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Corn Cob Grit For Removing Cracked and Peeling Paint

The problem is as old as paint itself. What's the best way to remove a cracked and peeling finish from a wood exterior home?

Scrapping was the only answer until sand blasting and chemical stripping came along. But now there's a new solution that is less abrasive, takes much less time, costs less money, and can even be used on surfaces like cedar shakes.

Can you say corn cob grit…without cracking a smile?

It's no joke. Just ask a few of the professional contractors who have gained a competitive edge and are outbidding their competitors by using corn cob grit blasting, many of whom are customers of NJ-based Kramer Industries.

"Corn cob blasting is a great alternative to chemical stripping for a number of reasons," says Mike O'Brien of Painttek Quality Painting. "It has little to no impact on the substrate, it eliminates the drying time necessary after chemical stripping, and it makes me look like a hero."

According O'Brien, the elimination of drying time is as important as the quality of the stripping job itself. "I was able to paint within 24 hours of blasting with Kramer Industries' corn cob grit," he explained. "That gave me a real advantage in turnaround time compared to contractors who were basing their schedule and their price on chemical stripping. My investment in a Kramer Industries KF150DM blasting system was nothing in the scope of things, and grit blasting is something I can use to grow my business. It's something I'm going to promote from here on out."

That's exactly the sentiment Steven Schneider, sales manager of Kramer Industries, claims to be hearing more and more of these days from contractors and home owners. "Corn cob grit presents no health or environmental hazards. The grit itself is obtained from the hard woody ring of the cob, and comes in five grit sizes to make silica-free, chemical-free blasting a practical reality for just about any wood surface, including the interior walls of log homes."

Located in Piscataway, NJ, Kramer Industries was founded by Harry Kramer in 1911, when he started a small manufacturing business in the basement of his home. Today the company offers a full range of dry blasting media for cleaning, stripping, peening, etching, finishing and deflashing operations. The Kramer line of equipment includes barrel tumblers, abrasive blasting systems, vibratory tumblers and parts separating machines. The company has also become a resource for cleaning professionals in dozens of industries, offering advice to customers around the world on a daily basis. Visit for additional information.

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