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Wood Grain and Natural Patterns Influence New Road Lighting

Taeyang Electronic Co., LTD, a global manufacturer of outdoor lighting, announced today that they have developed a new road lighting product called 'ECOWOOD', an environmental-friendly road lighting based on its design from wood grain and patterns.

Taeyang's newest invention, ECOWOOD, is manufactured through a complex process. It begins with procreating the steel or aluminum body several times in order to coat it with polyurethane. After powder-coating process with polyurethane, the road lighting is then refined in 200°C oven. Finally, a film is compressed to the body to form wood grain and patterns on its surface using vacuum and then the body is heated in 200°C oven for 20 minutes.

Jointly developed with an Italian lighting company, this latest manufacturing technique provides ECOWOOD with an excellent protection against the exposure under ultraviolet rays, acid rain, sulfurous acid gas, and salinity. As a result, the frame of ECOWOOD stays firm for more than 10 years and provides a great durability, saving the maintenance cost of the road lighting after the installation.

ECOWOOD also has the flexibility of applying variety of colors and patterns, including the natural wood grain and pattern for environment-friendly presentation. In addition, ECOWOOD doesn't require any welding thanks to its prefabricated assembly, which makes ECOWOOD much simpler to build and repair the parts of the road lamp instantly.

Myung Rye Lee, CEO of Taeyang Electronic, said, “For the safety under the sunlight, we have run an outdoors explosion test for ECOWOOD with the state government of Florida. ECOWOOD passed all the safety regulation stated by the state of Florida, proving the safety of our product.”

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