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Ekocrete Releases "Ultragreen" Concrete

Ekocrete, Inc. today announced the availability of a new "green" concrete that uses 90% recycled and by-product materials without sacrificing strength or durability.

"Previous so-called green concretes made modest changes to existing concrete designs," said company president Jim Glessner. "Ekocrete was designed from the ground up to use no mined aggregate and significantly less cement." Richard McCabe, vice president of technology, added, "This product can exceed the performance of traditional concrete in compressive, tensile and flexural strength. Its longevity is expected to be many times greater than traditional concrete due to its use of nano-fibers, pozzolans and small particles that provide high surface density."

Berkeley architect Rachel Hamilton ( said, "Ekocrete is stronger and easier to work with than traditional concrete. I plan to use it extensively in my future jobs."

Ekocrete uses crushed recycled concrete for aggregate, avoiding the expense and environmental damage involved in the creation of new aggregate. In addition it reduces landfill of old concrete. Fly ash waste from coal mills is used in high dosages. This additive (pozzolan) is much like what the Romans used to make their concrete last 2,000 years. Other industrial byproducts provide nano-fibers for crack reduction and nano-particles for surface density to reduce water penetration.

The reduced need for Portland cement and high use of post-consumer by-products diminishes the impact of concrete manufacturing on CO2 emissions and aids in the fight against global warming.

Ekocrete is competitively priced with normal concrete because of its high recycled content. No toxic chemicals are used in its production.

The compressive strength of the basic mix is 4000 psi. But a range of 2000 – 10,000 psi is available when balancing cost and performance needs. Significant tensile strength can be achieved using Ekocrete Structural Fibers.

Finishing Ekocrete is like typical concrete. It can be colored, stained, stamped, and acid etched for decorative applications.

Ekocrete comes prepackaged in 50-pound bags with all ingredients included. Basalite Concrete Products, LLC will begin manufacturing in the first quarter of 2009.

Bagged product will be available from Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products. Company president Rhodes said, "Ekocrete is a truly revolutionary product." (

Exclusive regions for ready mix producers are available. This product is available now.

Ekocrete will be featured at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, NV, February 3-6. It will be on display at GST International booth number S21815, Buddy Rhodes booth number S13219, and in the GREENSITE arena at SG22532.

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