NanaWall Systems Launches Single Track Slider System That Disappears On Opening

NanaWall Systems, the leader in large opening glass walls, announces its newest product for builders, architects, developers and homeowners, the NanaWall® VSW65 Single Track Slider.

NanaWall VSW65 Partial Open

The NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider is a wood-framed, individual panel single sliding system that makes large openings possible. for homes and commercial buildings. With its single track, the custom system provides a clean line for a seamless transition from inside rooms to outside spaces . The VSW65 is easy to operate and can be designed to slide into a pocket.

For years, architects have been trying to design projects with large glass walls that completely disappear when open - a seamless transition from inside to outside that is also weather-resistant and easy to operate. Past solutions have had multiple tracks with thick wall requirements, were difficult to operate (since multiple panels were hooked together) and had limited weather resistance. The NanaWall® VSW65 Single Track Slider addresses all these issues.
NanaWall Systems' opening glass walls can be installed anywhere a traditional wall would stand and provide flexible solutions to large architectural openings. The NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider is a multi-panel, single track sliding system with large glass walls that easily glide open and close. Each system is custom designed to the size and number of panels needed, and can have an almost unlimited number of panels. The maximum individual panel width is four feet (48 inches). The maximum unit height is 9 feet 10 inches. When open, the panels can be stored in a choice of four parking bays or a pocket closet.

Architect Christy D'Agostino of VAg Inc. in Vail, Colorado recently used the new NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider in a Colorado Mountain residence. The residence has 270 degree views of The Rocky Mountains and has the NanaWall VSW65 to seamlessly integrate the exterior and interior living environments.

"With the unique capabilities of the NanaWall, including zero-clearance thresholds, the opening glass walls are the solution for seamless integration of craftsmanship and lifestyle, said D'Agostino. "Throughout the day and night when the NanaWalls are open, family and friends gather inside or outside to hear the calming waters over the glacier granite rocks while taking in breath-taking panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains."

"NanaWall Systems is dedicated to providing cutting edge design and precision engineering for energy-efficiency in cold climates," said Ebrahim Nana, president of NanaWall Systems. "For more than 20 years, we have developed new products in response to our customers' needs - giving builders and architects the security of NanaWall tested in many climates, from hurricane zones to the Rocky Mountains."

"The VSW65 Single Track Slider is the result of three years of research by NanaWall and Solarlux engineers in the United States and Germany. Architects liked the concept in NanaWall's earlier, smaller-sized slider system and asked us for larger-sized panels. We developed the VSW65 Single Track Slider to meet demand for architects' design concepts for the luxury market."

Design Benefits of the NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider:

  1. Creates very large opening glass walls.
  2. Panels can be taken out of the plane of the opening. This means the panels can be out of sight in a pocket when open.
  3. All panels are in the same plane in a single track. This eliminates the need for bulky multi tracks and thick walls for holding the tracks.
  4. Slim sills maximize the glass area
  5. Sliding panels glide easily without the need of guides and channels in the floor.
  6. Hinges, sliding and multi-point locking hardware are concealed and integrated into the profiles.
  7. Available with a single acting operable door

Engineering Benefits of the NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider:

  1. The wall can be very easily moved since each panel is moved independently and is not hooked to other panels.
  2. The main weight is borne by the top track, which ensures smooth operation even when there is some dirt or debris in the bottom track.
  3. Quiet and rattle-proof operation because of the patented, pre-fitted NanaWall hardware with sealed, ball bearing multi-roller running carriages.
  4. Single source supplier with more than 20 years experience in engineered, precision-built systems with pre-fitted hardware for large opening glass walls
  5. Long-term ease of use with industry-leading compensation and adjustment features.
  6. High performance levels for air, water, structure and security.
  7. Sustainable design features - energy efficiency, natural daylighting, and natural ventilation.

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