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Air Filters Improve Air Quality in Schools

Purifan, Inc. reported today that more than 85 schools have installed Purifan Classroom Air Filtration Systems. The patented Purifan converts a ceiling fan into a powerful air filtration system.

Two Purifans in a classroom filter the air about 40 times per hour, reducing allergens and odors. Schools using Purifans have reported as much as a 61% reduction in student absenteeism, a 50% reduction in teacher sick days and a 70% reduction in inhaler use. Purifan's airflow also lowers heating and cooling costs. In many states, higher student attendance increases the school's funding. EPA reported studies show schools with cleaner classroom air achieved 6-17% higher average test scores.

Stan Brannan, Purifan's President stated, "Each year, more children show up for school carrying medicine, breathing treatments and rescue inhalers." He continued, "In fact, Asthma inhalers are the number-one children's prescription for Medicaid Insurance in all fifty states, and Medicaid currently spends about $2,000 per year per child." Brannan stated, "EPA law changes in 2009 increased the average cost of Asthma inhalers by 500%, which will add to state budget problems." Brannan stated, "We believe cleaner classroom air offers a total payback of about 25 times the costs over the first five years, and Medicaid health cost savings alone could be as much as five times the total costs."

Brannan explained, "We hope more schools include Purifans in their stimulus money spending plans." Brannan continued, "Purifans capture harmful airborne particles including pet dander, mold, pollen, vehicle exhaust particulates, agricultural dust and toxins from upwind factories, and can produce a substantial payback by lowering health care and absenteeism costs." Brannan stated, "Schools with prior flood or storm-related water damage can create sick building symptoms, and teachers report Purifans reduce or eliminate these health problems." Brannan added, "Since one out of six people in America spend their day in a school, healthier school air quality can have a significant health impact on 50 million people."

CDC contagious disease guidelines state that room air filtration exceeding 12 air changes per hour can reduce the spread of contagious illnesses, including common colds or flu. Contagious illnesses are a major contributor to student and teacher absenteeism and health care costs.

Purifan offers schools a free trial in 10 classrooms to let teachers evaluate the impact of filtering classroom air 40 times per hour. Purifan also helps schools apply for grant money from private and government sources to fund more classroom air filtration systems.

Purifan is a patented, low-cost, quiet, air purifier and ceiling fan that uses disposable HEPA and activated charcoal filters. Over 43,000 Purifan systems have been installed in schools, daycares, businesses, nursing homes, offices, and homes. Purifan is recruiting local dealers worldwide. See or for more information.

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