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Safer Floors With Commercial Floor Cleaning System From Heavyweight Solutions

Heavyweight Solutions introduces the Heavyweight Scrub Brush system for use on commercial floor surfaces to improve safety, to minimize dirt and other contamination, and to restore floor surface aesthetics.

The Heavyweight Scrub Brush is a weighted scrub brush that applies a constant 16-pound force on the floor surface. The ergonomic design prevents users from having to manually apply force in order to scrub floor surfaces. The Heavyweight is designed with a pistol grip and is hinged by the brush to enable cleaning underneath foodservice equipment with the same 16-pound force. Separate corner and leg brushes are also available. Removable floor brush pads allow for easy cleaning, pad replacement and use of separate pads for different areas within the same location. The Heavyweight Scrub Brush system is priced at $229.95.

The Heavyweight Scrub Brush has a two-year warranty and Heavyweight Bristle Pads are warranted for six months. Tile floor surfaces will not wear down the nylon bristles due to a force point that uses 16 pounds of force consistently. The Heavyweight Scrub Brush system saves customers money, eliminates waste and promotes environmental sustainability because the typical deck brush is replaced six to eight times annually and because 80% fewer detergents and chemicals are required.

Mike Martin, President of Heavyweight Solutions, stated "The industry

needs to reconsider floor cleaning procedures, because the data shows that poor scrubbing will lead to dirtier floors. Personnel may compensate by mopping more frequently or using more detergents, which further deteriorates safety. Proper weekly scrubbing is the solution for safer and cleaner floor surfaces. The Heavyweight Scrub Brush can deliver floor surfaces with better traction and reduce risk of slip and fall accidents. The Heavyweight Scrub Brush can save your business time and money while improving safety."

The Heavyweight is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute to improve walkway safety. The McDonald's National Operator Insurance Team (NOIT) recommends the Heavyweight Floor Brush as an approved McDonald's product that can make a major impact in insurance cost, because use of the brush dramatically changes the cleanliness and coefficient of friction of the floor tile.

Floor cleanliness and safety is an important issue for all industries, costing companies millions of dollars in injuries, chemicals, and lost labor time. More than 3 million foodservice industry employees and over 1 million guests are injured in slip and fall accidents each year, according to a study by CNA Insurance. The costs for insurance coverage and claim settlements have sky rocketed in recent years, forcing business owners to seek out ways to minimize slip and fall accidents.

For more information on Heavyweight scrub brush system, please call (877) 812-1104 or visit us on-line at to view our gallery of on-line training and demonstration videos.

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