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Toxic Chinese Drywall Problem Should Be Dealt With By Congress

According to Americas Watchdog, "its high time for President Obama, & the US Congress to embrace a national disaster involving 100,000's of US homes, that contain toxic Chinese drywall. We need to treat the US toxic Chinese drywall disaster like a natural disaster, and a meaningful federal response is long overdue." Americas Watchdog says, "the homeowners in Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, Iowa, and other states who have toxic drywall in their homes, now have a home worth zero; so many, to most may just walk away from their homes, and more importantly, they face potentially lethal long term health affects due to exposure, and they are all innocent victims." Homeowners wishing to learn more about the symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall should visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at Http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com.

What are the time frames? At its peak toxic Chinese drywall was used in the US between 2003-2007 in new, or remodeled homes, and small commercial properties. Aside from massive subdivisions in Florida, or Texas, toxic imported wall board was used nationwide. Because the ports of Long Beach & Oakland California, along with the ports of Seattle/Tacoma were the biggest import points, Americas Watchdog expects what now seems to be an Eastern, or Southeastern US issue, will become a huge Western States homeowners issue.

What is known about exposure to toxic Chinese drywall in US homes? It corrodes, or discolors copper, lead, zinc, & silver. Off gassing from toxic Chinese drywall may also be responsible for electronic device, or appliance failures; but most importantly, it is making homeowners, & their families really sick. Really sick includes nose bleeds, upper respiratory issues, headaches, rashes, severe allergy type symptoms & possible death. Americas Watchdog says, "our biggest worry is 100,000's of US children may be scared for life, due to exposure to exposure to toxic Chinese drywall." For more information about toxic Chinese drywall, homeowners should visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at Http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com.

So what comes next without a massive federal response to toxic Chinese drywall in US homes? According to Americas Watchdog, "we think 100,000's of US homeowners are going to walk away from their homes, out of fear of what exposure to toxic Chinese drywall is doing to their health, & the health of their families. We are also concerned that these homes could be fire hazards, because of the degradation of home electrical systems." The group says, "this will simply make the US foreclosure issue worse nationwide, with banks left with no choice, but to bulldoze the home. These homeowners in Florida, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, California, and the other affected states, need a massive federal relief program now, we need to understand what exposure to toxic Chinese drywall does to our health now, and we need the federal government to establish a protocol on how to fix these homes, & we need it now!"

Americas Watchdog says, "our new big worry: Because of the potential for electrical fires, or homes that have lost their structural integrity due to metal corrosion; insurance carriers may start dropping homeowner insurance coverage, for homes with toxic Chinese drywall." If a homeowner wants more information about toxic Chinese drywall please call the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or visit the groups web site at Http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com.

According to Americas Watchdog, "the lawsuits filed on toxic Chinese drywall will take too long. We need federal help now. The lawsuits do not even cover personal injury. Who pays for that?"

Meanwhile on Sunday, May 24, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in China on Sunday for a trip focused on energy and climate change. Pelosi is scheduled to attend a clean energy forum in Beijing on Tuesday along with Senator John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. According to Americas Watchdog, "another pathetic example of the US Congress not getting how serious toxic Chinese drywall is to 100,000's of innocent US Homeowners. They should be demanding answers on toxic Chinese drywall from the Chinese government. Instead House Speaker Pelosi takes a vacation in China, along with Senator Kerry. Your tax dollars at work!"

Americas Watchdog says, "would House Speaker Pelosi take a vacation to China if San Francisco just had a magnitude 10 earthquake? No-she would be demanding federal relief. Toxic Chinese drywall is a huge national disaster, and the 100,000's of US victims need help-now."

Americas Watchdog is asking homeowners to share this press release, with their friends, family, or co workers, if they live in a home, or building built, or remodeled between 2003, & 2008, and have complained about being sick in the home, or the building. Americas Watchdog will not stop trying to help US homeowners, who now live in a home with toxic Chinese drywall. Homeowners who suspect they have toxic Chinese drywall in their homes can contact the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or visit their web site for more information at Http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com.

A special mention from Americas Watchdog, "Gov. Charlie Crist isn't declaring a state of emergency over the use of Chinese drywall in Florida just yet, but he is asking for federal help to study the controversial building material. We think Florida needs a new Gov. Maybe one that has not taken lots of campaign money from homebuilders."

Americas Watchdog & its Homeowners Consumer are all about protecting US homeowners & corporate integrity. When it comes to toxic Chinese drywall Americas Watchdog will continue to fight to help innocent US homeowners who got stuck toxic Chinese drywall. The Homeowners Consumers web site is located at Http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com.

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