Emergency Moisture Removal Solutions from MovinCool

Speed up Drying, Prevent Mold from Forming

When seasonal storms and floods strike, they often leave behind a wide swath of homes and buildings with water-soaked interiors. For those involved in water-damage restoration, the first task is to remove moisture and humidity as fast as possible, in order to prevent mold from forming or spreading further.

MovinCool(R) portable spot air conditioners quickly dry out wet environments

Here, MovinCool® portable spot air conditioners can come to the rescue. These units do more than just provide cool air. They can also quickly dry out wet environments.

MovinCool’s dehumidification technology uses powerful, industrial-grade blowers to pull in large volumes of moisture-laden air and push out dry air. This ensures significantly faster recovery than with fans or dehumidifiers, reducing restoration costs.

“Our portable spot air conditioners are primarily known for their cooling abilities, but they are also highly effective at emergency moisture removal,” said John Doran, senior manager, Commercial and Industrial Systems. “One big advantage is that they require practically no installation, so they can be put to work immediately. You just roll them in, plug them in and turn them on. Right away they start removing moisture and replacing it with dry air,” Doran added.

Source:  http://www.movincool.com/portable-dehumidifier.php

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