Heat by Design Heater Offers Both Energy-Efficiency and Aesthetics

Heat by Design is an elegant and energy-efficient heater that combines the small appliance functionality of a space heater with the aesthetics of a contemporary 32" x 24" frame that is printed with digital photos uploaded by the customer. Heat by Design is used to warm cooler rooms or offices. Homeowners and businesses can turn down the main thermostat, thus reducing their heating bills.

Heat by Design Heater in a Bedroom

Heat by Design is manufactured using digital images uploaded by the customer. Images are printed with a commercial four-color printing process at resolutions up to 600 dpi and use UV-based inks to ensure images will not fade or crack due to heating or exposure to sunlight. Images are printed on a special aluminum surface that conducts heat. A gallery of elegant stock photographs is also available on the Heat by Design website.

The Heat by Design convective designer heater uses a patented carbon fiber heating element system that is embedded behind the image. The flat carbon fiber elements safely increase the temperature of medium sized rooms by 3 degrees to 7 degrees F. The picture heater is a quiet, energy-efficient alternative to traditional space heaters. It operates without noisy, energy consuming fans that can stir airborne particulates and allergens. Heat by Design's energy efficient GentleHeat(TM) technology effectively consumes only 300W of electricity when operational.

Source: http://www.heat-by-design.com/

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