Aremco Products Launches Pyro-Putty 950 Advanced Sealant System

Pyro-Putty™ 950, a new high temperature sealant developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used as a gasketing compound for high temperature components such as boilers, compressors, heat exchangers, furnaces, ovens, exhaust manifolds, and turbines for service conditions to 950 °F (510 ºC).

Pyro-Putty 950 Sealant System


Pyro-Putty™ 950 is an advanced sealant system that is formulated by combining a unique high temperature resin with various ceramic fibers and powders.

Pyro-Putty™ 950 is used in applications to 950 °F and above and is ideal for use as a replacement for gaskets and to repair rough, scored or irregular surfaces.

Pyro-Putty™ 950 is resistant to chemical and steam attack, high pressure and vacuum atmospheres, and mechanical vibration and joint movement. It is extremely durable in steam, chemicals, pressure and heat.


Gas and Steam TurbinesandCompressors

Piping and Ducting Boilers and Compressors

Valve Packing in Steam Valves Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Blowers

Flexible Pipe Joints Exhaust

Flanges on Motors and Turbines

Pyro-Putty™ 950 is typically offered in an 11-ounce caulk gun cartridge. It cures in service into a tough, pliable material, or it can be cured before service by heating the joint without pressure to 400 °F for 1 hour or 225 °F for 4-6 hours. For more information about this advanced, high temperature sealant,


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