IES Introduces New Version of Building Performance Analysis Software

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), a provider of integrated performance analysis software and consulting services for sustainable building design, is delighted to be exhibiting at booth #2066 at the forthcoming AHR Expo, January 25-27, in Orlando, Florida.

Its intelligent software allows engineers to undertake whole-building analysis in great detail with interconnected performance assessment modules and advanced visual, graphical, and numerical outputs. The company will be exhibiting its latest developments in step-by-step smart navigation, alongside new HVAC functionality.

The latest version of the IES suite of integrated building performance analysis software includes an enhanced user interface, new VE-Gaia Navigator functionality, new HVAC multiplexing, an enhanced water cooled chiller model, new ASHRAE/CIBSE building loads reporting, new automated LEED analysis, climate interrogation, and is on the list for qualified software for calculating Commercial Building Tax Deductions.

“We utilized the global feedback we were receiving from engineers to incorporate significant upgrades to the ApacheHVAC software,” said Dr. Don McLean, founder and managing director of IES. “Plus, the company has worked hard at ensuring different levels of engagement are available for all stages in the design process. VE-Pro offers an innovative bridge between architects and engineers. By simplifying the data, both parties can work easily within the software.”

VE-Gaia Navigator functionality – revolutionary new step-by-step smart workflows

Available as an add-on for VE-Pro users, VE-Gaia offers additional capabilities, allows users to track progress, control quality, iterate workflows, trigger simulations, filter results and produce automated visual/interactive reports. New analysis options include climate exploration, water reviews, low/zero carbon technology consideration, and analysis for certain LEED credits.

IES HVAC Multiplexing – unique new VE-Pro functionality

This new feature adds an extra dimension to the capabilities and productivity currently available in IES’ highly flexible ApacheHVAC system modeling software. It enables engineers to easily deal with assigning HVAC data to very large, complex system models. Multiplexing layers and tabular editing facilitates fast and accurate data population with editing at global or individual levels.

Water Cooled Chiller Model – new ApacheHVAC enhancements

These include detailed chiller definition (capacity, water temperature & part load dependence), parameter definition (rated, design & operation), and the definition of primary and secondary water loop parameters (cooling tower & chilled water systems).

IES ASHRAE/CIBSE loads tools – new reporting format

VE-Pro now incorporates automated results filtering and report generation for its heating and cooling loads calculation tools. Engineers can investigate detailed load calculation results at both a system and room level, broken down to individual components, for peak heating, cooling, and airflows. Users in North America will find the new report format more familiar.

The IES 4-tier product suite facilitates the use of performance analysis throughout the entire building design process, from concept to completion and beyond, allowing engineers to:

  • Link analysis of indoor airflow, comfort temperature, and CO2 levels to HVAC system design/optimization and energy use;
  • Undertake detailed analysis of passive/hybrid technology such as night time cooling, exposed thermal mass, natural ventilation, ground source heat pumps, underflow air distribution and radiant floors;
  • Quantify how design elements and modifications affect cooling loads, energy and LEED credits, carbon usage, visual and occupant comfort;
  • Test feasibility and affect of daylight compensation control and daylight dimming strategies;
  • Work with architects in a more integrated way opening the door to more innovative engineering solutions.

In addition, The IES Consulting division provides expert modeling, advanced performance analysis and LEED® consulting services on new build and refurbishment projects. Working with design teams to integrate ‘green’ design requirements throughout all stages and create low-energy sustainable buildings. IES brings key sustainable design elements to BIM and is a GSA contract holder.


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