Solar Nation Installs Solar System on Appliance + Refrigeration Facility in Oregon

Solar Nation has announced the installation and commissioning of a 42kW solar-electric system on the Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital location in Portland, Oregon. The appliance service and repair center installed solar power to reduce and stabilize energy costs and to follow through on its long-standing commitment to protecting the environment.

The Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital installation includes 240 solar panels covering 3,293 square feet of preexisting roof space. This system will supply approximately 70 percent of the electrical energy needs for the 7,280 square foot, 53-employee facility.

"This was an exceptional opportunity to be good stewards of the environment for current and future generations. Installing a solar-electric system on our rooftop was complicated, requiring financing, permitting, incentive applications, and inspections. Solar Nation handled the complicated issues on our behalf, simplifying the entire process and allowing us to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity without disrupting our daily operations," said Steve Merriam, Owner of Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital.

"Everyone benefits when businesses like Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital install solar-energy systems. Businesses that install solar-energy systems consume most of the power they produce, effectively increasing the overall capacity of the grid without the need for new power plants or transmission lines. The immediate cost savings to these businesses make them stronger businesses—stronger employers—all while reducing carbon emissions and improving the environment, " said Paul Hodge, CEO of Solar Nation.

Over its 25-year warranted life, the Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital solar-energy system will keep approximately 826 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to driving an automobile over 1,052,547 miles or the annual CO2 offset of over 33,050 trees.


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