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Lumiette Introduces New Octagonal Flat Panel Lamp

Once again revolutionizing the lighting industry, clean-energy lamp developer Lumiette Inc. has introduced a new lamp using an octagonal flat panel design. In addition, the company has released a convenient light tile that makes it easy for designers and manufacturers to quickly develop innovative round fixtures using the new lamp.

Lumiette’s Octagonal FPL (flat panel lamp), Model #888, is intended for use in new fixture designs in the category of existing 2D compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) configurations. It measures 8” on each of 8 sides, is energy efficient (26 watts, 60 lumens/watt), and is intended for use in round fixtures, sconces, ceiling fixtures, bulkhead, and other designs.

Lumiette’s flat panel lamps consume 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs, last five times longer than compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), are more attractive, and suitable for a wider range of applications.

“Our new octagonal lamp is great for developing stylish round dimmable fixtures in a low profile,” says Noel Park, Lumiette’s CEO. “It gives you light that you can ‘see through’ as it uniformly and evenly illuminates from the fixture for a soft glow. You no longer see the lamp image. You see even, diffused light.”

Because of the new lamp’s uniform light distribution, the Lumiette Octagonal PFL eliminates fixture “hot spots” and creates an overall more appealing aesthetic. It offers a dimmable light source that is cool to the touch, features a slim design, and provides longer life over traditional CFL lamps.

To further spur the fixture manufacturer’s creativity and provide support for this state-of-the-art flat panel TV technology based light source, Lumiette provides hands on assistance that will allow for a fast ramp from design to production in three months or less.

In addition to Lumiette’s ground-breaking new lamp design, the company has introduced a new Octagonal Light Tile (Cat, No. 888LT) that even further simplifies the design and development of innovative round fixtures. The tile features the Octagonal FPL and provides an all-in-one design, putting the new lamp in a box that makes it easy to mount into a fixture. With the lamp enclosed, no additional sockets or screws are required. This makes for faster time to market and an easier design cycle.


Samples of the Lumiette Octagonal FPL will be available in March 2010. Production of the lamp with accompanying ballast will commence in May 2010.


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