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Sundt Deploys CommVault Simpana Software Platform to Enhance Data Management Process

CommVault (NASDAQ: CVLT): Sundt Construction, Inc., one of the largest construction companies in the United States, has deployed the CommVault® Simpana® software platform to elevate data protection for nearly 1,000 employees while lowering the risk and cost associated with legal eDiscovery requirements.

News Facts

  • As U.S. engineering/construction companies spend increasing amounts on litigation, Sundt has embraced a best-practices approach to FRCP compliance and eDiscovery, which has raised efficiency and productivity while also lowering litigation costs.
  • According to the company, typical construction projects involve vast amounts of electronic information including contracts, project schedules, emails and more. By replacing Symantec Backup Exec with CommVault Simpana software, Sundt notes that it has dramatically increased its protection of 30 TBs of data, established litigation hold policies and met corporate policies to archive emails for up to 10 years, while cutting administrative costs in half.
  • Sundt also uses Simpana software to expedite eDiscovery search, retrieval and sort requests across online, archive and backup data copies. This reduces the time it takes to produce search results from three days to less than an hour the company reports.
  • Following the success of a pilot project using Simpana software’s Deduplication feature, where the company cut the number of offsite tapes needed each month from 30 to five, Sundt is rolling out the feature company wide. The company projects an overall reduction in its footprint of long-term vaulting or compliance copies by approximately 90 percent in the long run.
  • A team of 10 oversees 120 Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 servers, SharePoint 2007, SQL 2005 and 2008 as well as construction industry applications, including Prolog and Primavera, along with a full line of Dell servers, desktops, laptops and tablet PCs.

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Simpana Search and Archiving Expedites eDiscovery

  • Sundt accelerates information access and eDiscovery of electronically stored information (ESI) to improve productivity and lower risk using the Simpana Search module. Used in combination with the CommVault Simpana active data archiving module, Sundt preserves e-mail for compliance and eDiscovery purposes.
  • With Simpana software’s web-based interface, Sundt can easily search for emails using attributes and content found in messages, including email attachments.
  • Simpana software’s advanced search capabilities including “search within a search” enable Sundt to quickly produce highly relevant, granular results.
  • Sundt plans to extend CommVault software’s archiving and search functionality to include all files and SharePoint; self-serve searches for the legal team also are planned.

Simpana Deduplication Reduces Data Storage Costs

  • Sundt evaluated hardware-deduplication appliances from Data Domain and Quantum, but according to the company, found them costly and lacking in scalability which presented a problem for the fast-growing company.
  • Sundt determined that CommVault’s software-based deduplication provided more cost-effective scaling and greater flexibility in reducing duplicate data across data backups and archives.
  • According to Sundt, CommVault software’s embedded deduplication yielded an 85-percent compression rate during the pilot project, which exceeded the company’s expectations and provided a strong business case for full-scale deployment in 2010.
  • Sundt’s projected ability to reduce its long-term vaulting footprint by up to 90 percent will translate into fewer tapes and tape drives as well as less time required to manage the system, which is a big plus since the 10-member IT staff lacks a dedicated resource for managing data protection, the email archive, search requirements and deduplication.
  • Sundt found CommVault’s single-platform approach and the software’s centralized console to ease both deployment and ongoing operation, enabling the company to run one, cohesive system instead of disparate, point products.

Supporting Quotes

From Zach Croxford, Corporate IT Manager for Sundt Construction:

  • “When it comes to FRCP compliance and eDiscovery, we’re ahead of the curve as far as the construction industry is concerned, thanks to sound corporate practices and CommVault Simpana software. As we move toward a fully digital environment, we’re counting on CommVault to take on an increasingly critical role in both our eDiscovery and overall data management efforts.”
  • “Simpana software provides a layer of search intelligence that yields better search results and speeds the process, which makes a big difference in accommodating eDiscovery and corporate governance best practices.”
  • “CommVault’s web-based interface is so easy, my kids could use it. The back-end of the Search module is incredibly fast, so it literally takes seconds to perform an initial search.”
  • “At the end of the day, Simpana software provides all the information I need to show my executive team that dedupe isn’t just a trend—it’s a critical driver of our overall data management strategy.”


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