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  • Article - 19 May 2020
    Modern building ceramics are often treated to achieve a range of special properties and to improve their overall quality.
  • Article - 12 Feb 2020
    The evaluation of the physical and mechanical properties of materials is known as physical properties testing.
  • Article - 29 Jan 2020
    The World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were built to withstand aircraft crashing into them, suggested a panel on the top floor visitor center.
  • Article - 20 Dec 2019
    International research into uses for waste rubber has steadily increased. One promising use is the incorporation of waste rubber into concrete.
  • Article - 14 Nov 2019
    Material procurement can be a complex process, dependent on several different factors. Materials must be strong, compliant with regional health and safety regulations, available and cost-effective.
  • Article - 14 Nov 2019
    Ceramic materials including brick, porcelain, and cement have been used to construct buildings for millennia, and are still some of the most widely used construction materials today.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2019
    Lime is one of the oldest building materials in existence and can be used to make many different types of mortar. Find out about the different types of lime, including lime putty and hydraulic lime.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2019
    The construction industry needs to reduce its environmental impact for sustainable development. How could industrial hemp be used as an alternative a to traditional building material?
  • Article - 8 Jul 2019
    Hemp, a plant that is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species, can be used to create an environmentally friendly building material.
  • Article - 18 May 2019
    An earthquake moves the ground, both vertically and horizontally, beneath a building; typically as a sequence of shock waves radiated from an epicentre at brief intervals, like ripples emanating from...